Thursday, December 3, 2009

Handmade Christmas Cards

Prior to kids, I use to make all my Christmas cards to send out. This was before I started sewing, in fact. It was the only "crafty" thing I did at the time. Once I had my first child I stopped. I may have made them one year after I had her, but time. So this year, I thought, "hey, I think I'll make my own cards this year!" I got some ideas on Paper Crafts magazine website and found this totally cute sentiment. Then I got all my stuff together and went at it. Three hours later, I had 14 cards done. I was done for the night and figured I'd work on the rest over the next few days. Next morning decided to go through my Christmas Card log book to see how many cards I needed to make. 80....WHAT!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! 8-0!!!??? And that's not even counting the 10 new people at this duty station I need to include! My Christmas card list keeps growing and growing every year! The Navy will do that to you! With each new duty station is another bunch of wonderful new friends you meet. My husband's been in for 8 at this rate, with and minimum of 12 more years to Christmas Card list is going be be over 200!!! So needless to say, I scratched the "Handmade Christmas Card" idea! I got 14 done and those will go out to the most special people in my life. The rest will have to settle for some store bought cards!


  1. Hi Jenn,

    That's what we do...special ones for "special" people (not that all people aren't special, but you know what I mean) and then store bought for business, church, etc.

    One year we sent about 200 and that was the year, we too, decided enough is enough. The postage alone was enough to give the "deer in the headlights" syndrome!

    Your special cards are beautiful and I know the people who receive them will probably keep them. I do all the special cards we get!

    Merry Christams!

  2. Cutie cards! Love the little button and twine accent!

    Jessica Witty
    Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal

  3. Hi Jenn,
    Did you use a stamp to make your tree on your card? It is so cute. If you did, where did you find it?

  4. Diane-it's not a stamp. I actually got it off of "Paper Crafts" magazine website and just printed it onto white card stock. I think was a templet from the Nov/Dec issue or Dec/Jan issue. Hopefully that helps!


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