Wednesday, February 2, 2011

any tips?

Have you ever used one of those "minky" or "velour-type" super soft fabrics for a back of a quilt? Not a big quilt but like baby sized?  If you have are there any tips? 
I have a local quilt shop here that sells end of bolt cuts 50% off and when I saw these dots, I couldn't resist! It's just under 2 yards, over 60" wide and would normally be $16.99/yard. I got it for $16! It's so super soft! 
I have a friend that is pregnant with her first and she just found out she's having a boy. So I thought maybe I'd use this for the back of a baby quilt for her, but I've never used it before and wonder how it will quilt up. more than likely I'll be doing a free motion meandering stitch. 
I quilted a quilt for a friend last month that had fleece for the backing and that went fine. I'd never used that before either. No puckers when it was done!
Anyway, I'm nowhere near using this yet, but thought I'd put it out there to see what you guys thought.

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  1. Hi Jen, it has been a while but I have done a few baby quilts with minky backing. I found that using the temporary spray adhesive to baste was very helpful...the minky can have a mind of its own. It has some stretch to it so be sure you aren't stretching it as you are quilting. Keep the weight up so it doesn't pull and distort your should be fine.

  2. I am curious as to what you find out!

  3. gosh that looks like such snuggly soft fabric!! :o) I have some minky I am saving for just the right use. :o)

  4. Other than to suggest:basting well, check tensions and thread are suitable, I tend to use more stitches with a stretchier fabric but I've only made a fleece quilt but I love the idea of minky for babies it is so appropriate and nice to touch!

  5. I love minky for a quilt back. It was easy to sew. I used lots of safety pins and checked the tenson before starting. It was just a squared quilt pattern, nothing fancy but looks great. And washes even better. After 3 years the quilt is still soft and cuddly. I must tell you that it was for my teenage daughter. Good luck.


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