Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm still alive...

Seriously? .....
It's April????
My last post was in February???
Oh my! Ok, so I'm alive and well and I'll have a new blog post with pics on a project I completed soon. It's off in the mail today, so I have to wait until it's received to post it.

I've never gone this long without a post. I've never gone so long without a completed project. I've received a few inquiring emails and I appreciate it! I am ok. But it lead me to do a little thinking. I'm in such a funk right now and have NO MOTIVATION to sew. This is a first for me! So I really thought about it and I think I've realized having hubby home and not doing the "usual" Navy work has really cramped my sewing time! (For those that don't hubby is in the Navy and usually wherever we are stationed for however long, he's home maybe half the time. We are now at the Naval War College in Newport, RI and he's getting his Master's Degree, so he's home by noon most days all the time....always breaks.... Oh, wait...does that sound bad?!) Don't get me wrong, I love having him home and not deployed, but I never sew now. I do most of my quilting when he's gone as I have the time, and I find myself way more creative during the absences. So as hard as deployments and time apart is, it works for us. I don't mind being alone....because then it means I SEW!

I'm determined to get back in the groove of things. My goal for this year was to finish up some WIPs and I've got quite a few. So I'm going to buckle down and get some quilts FINISHED! Stay tuned and I'll show you my latest completion in a few days!


  1. Hi Jen! Yay. So good to "see" you. :0) I totaly understand about timing and deployments and scheduling. When Woody was on a ship my routine was so different than when he was an instructor and home every night for dinner (gosh that seems like a million years ago). :0)
    Have a great weekend. Trish

  2. Welcome back to blogland! *hands you a mug rug with tea and cookies!*
    Can't wait to see all the new posts to come! =D

  3. Good to see you post, I've been missing you about. It's just a change when he's there, I know, We lived with Larry working nights and sleeping days for 8 years, and it is an adjustment to have the guys "under foot" after that. It is a good thing, just...different ~


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