Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back from vacation...

What a wonderful trip we had to Oregon! We made it to Crater Lake for 2 days, then to Tugman State Park for 5 days, then to Bullard's Beach for 3 days, then Diamond Lake for a day. Decided to come home a couple days early since we basically camped for just about 2 weeks! Now today I need to unload the trailer and get started on the mountains of laundry that accumlated! Oh what fun!

I did give my friend her quilt and she loved it! It turned out so nice. I was rather impressed that I was able to quilt one that was bigger than crib sized!


  1. Nice job! Love, love, love that pattern too! :)

  2. ooh! its' like candy. love it.! so sweet! and it looks loved already, a sign of a great quilt!


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