Sunday, July 5, 2009

Going on Vacation!

I did finish a quilt but I can't post pictures quite yet! It's a gift for a friend, but once I give it, I'll post the pics. We are leaving tomorrow for two weeks of camping in Oregon! I can't wait!!!! First stop, Crater Lake for 3 nights, then to the coast to camp at William Tugman State park between Coos Bay and Reedsport, OR for 5 nights. I'm am so excited because this is where I use to camp when I was younger with my family. Then we are just going to explore and see if there is somewhere else we want to camp for 3 nights or just stay put. Then after that, we are meeting dear friends from California at Diamond Lake, OR for our last 3 nights. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my husband falls in love with Oregon so we can retire there when he is out of the Navy. I'm talking it up plenty, so we'll see! Here's a sneak peak of the completed quilt. See you in 2 weeks!

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  1. Beautiful sneak peek :0). Have a great vacation!!

    P.S. I hear there are some great quilt stores in Oregon.....


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