Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Totally not quilt related, but I need help....
My eldest daughter's last day of school is THIS Friday and I need to get her teacher a gift. 
Her First grade teacher is a man.
I'm rather new at this (gift-giving for teachers) but I'm staying true to form and totally waiting until the last minute, as usual!
Any suggestions???


  1. Can you whip up a manly mug rug? Hmmmm... is it possible to make a mug rug manly? Would a guy even use one? ;)

    What about a gift card? Best Buy... Amazon... Starbucks...

    I hope you get lots of great suggestions!! :)

  2. I am thinking coffee. :o)
    Like a gift card for a coffee house in your area.

  3. gift card. starbucks or barnes and noble maybe?

  4. I like the coffee gift card idea. Maybe you could make a card with a fabric pocket on the front...and put the giftcard in it. Then you can write something nice inside. Or the pocket can be inside instead. Add a manly fabric mug rug or coaster if you have time?

  5. I heard that buying books for the classroom library is appreciated, and is something that "keeps giving" year after year. If you are unsure, a gift card to a bookstore, gives him the choice to buy books for the classroom, or books for himself.


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