Thursday, March 19, 2015


Browsing my blog (which I haven't been on for a while!) I realized I never posted pictures of some quilts I made in November and December! So i'm going to post them all in this post to try and catch up! 

I found out in November that one of my college roommates was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I hadn't seen or even talked to her in 20 years or so. I was able to make a trip up to visit her and I wanted to give her a gift. I got to meet her husband and kids and spend a little time with her. I gave her this quilt. Unfortunately 2 weeks later she passed. I'm glad I got to see her when I did and I'm glad I got to meet her family. Her daughter was very interested in the quilt and asked me a bunch of questions about making it. I'm hoping she is now using this. 
Fabric: Dream On by Urban Chiks
Backed and binded with a vintage sheets

I participated in a Holiday Bazaar on the base I live on. I whipped up some items to try and sell.

First up, a table runner. This is all made from scraps of Anna Maria Horner's various lines.

Next, a baby quilt made of leftovers from another baby quilt I made in the past. 

Another Baby quilt with leftovers from a previous quilt. 

Baby quilt #3

A lap quilt made of various blues, greens and purples

Another lap quilt made of Anna Maria Horner's various prints. Backed with an Amy Butler print. 

I sold the table runner and the blue baby quilt. 

Ok, so that's what I did all before Christmas. Now I'm trying to get into the groove again. Tomorrow I'll post pics of a commissioned baby quilt I made this week. 

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