Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are Joann's fabric taboo in the quilting world?

Let me start by saying...I won this from the lovely Alison of Little Island Quilting. I have to say it's been a while since I won a giveaway of fabric. So this was very exciting to me. Especially because these are some of my favorite colors and I have very little of them.
After I received them I shot Alison an email saying that I got them and thank you. She replied and said, "I look forward to seeing what you do with're not allowed to stash ok?"
I'm SO GLAD she said that because honestly, I would have stuck the pretty fabric in my cupboard for another day. Because I feel like I have a ton to do right now and I keep procrastinating.  So because she wanted me not to stash, I thought about it the day I got it. I went through my cupboard of fabric to see what I had. I decided I was going to make a simple half square triangle quilt. I wanted to get started right away but I needed more blues. I didn't want to order any fabric because honestly in the past week or so I've ordered over $100 in fabric online. (Fabric I don't need, but was on sale and I couldn't resist.)

Ok so back to my blog title...I went to Joann's for fabric. I found lots of great fabric that will work perfectly. 
 So what's the people not use Joann fabric? Yes, their selection is sometimes limited, but I go there a lot and seem to find what I need most of  the time. I've had no problem with their fabrics. Yes, some are thinner than designer fabrics, but I usually skip those. I try to buy the better quality Joann fabric when possible.

Now I have all I need to complete my half square triangle quilt.


  1. Those all look REALLY pretty together! I have purchased Joann's fabric. Honestly it has gotten to the point where I buy almost everything online because of the convenience. I would still add some Joann's if it was the perfect fabric and not too thin.

  2. Joann's? Yes! I have found designer fabric in their fq bins before!

  3. I made two quilts with JoAnns fabric and while some of the prints are super thin, they're holding up well. I even bound one with super cheap fabric (because it was the right color and the blanket was just going to be a picnic blanket anyway) and it's wearing just fine.

    That said, I still prefer designer's thicker which makes it nicer to work with (although you're right, some JoAnns fabric is nice too). What I've noticed most often, though, is that I'm not really into the fabric I find at JoAnns. Sure, there are tons of prints to choose from but none of them has ever grabbed my attention. They're all just sort of nice but not "I MUST HAVE THAT!"

    That said, I feel the same way about 90% of designer quitling fabric for sale online. I guess I just want to buy fabrics I super love and there's more selection online.

  4. Love that selection of fabrics you have chosen. I do buy alot of my fabric at Joann's...It is pretty close to me. What are the best online places to buy from if you don't mind me asking?

  5. I used to never buy fabric at Joann's and then I moved. Now I am limited to two great little shops in the Texas Panhandle, but they don't always have what I am looking for. So Joann's has become a staple for me because I need more selection, especially if I am looking for a modern fabric. I have found that if I look hard I can find good fabric with the right look at Joann's. Happy quilting and I love your blog.

  6. I like JoAnn's. I also buy online, from Goodwil, thrift stores, Salvation Army & a LQS. If I like it & I can't read through it, who cares where it comes from?
    I like your selection. Love those blues.

  7. Your fabrics are gorgeous together.
    I *wish* I had a Joann's fabric! :o)
    I don't have a budget that allows $8.00 per yard fabric (that is where trading my jewelry for fabric has been a huge blessing-I have been able to build a nice stash by other's cast offs).
    I am like you, skip over the thinner stuff if you are not comfortable with it, and just purchase what you think would be a nice quilt fabric. :o)
    I am looking forward to seeing your quilt!! :o)
    Have a nice evening.
    love, Trish

  8. Love. This. Post. I was just thinking about how in the "quilting world" it seems like most people go designer, specialty shops. But truthfully I bet most people started out as a kid in JoAnns. I know I did. And you can beat the variety, and the convenience of just running out to get what you need. And those 40% coupons... I love me some designer fabric, but don't forget my roots at JoAnns!

  9. I buy from a variety of sources but JoAnn's has come through for me in a pinch. Plus I love the coupons which are perfect for the Kona solids I can't seem to get enough of.

  10. Well, I'm not too good to shop at Joanns...and actually, when I sold bags, their clearance fabric at $1-3 a yard was a great bargain and helped me keep prices affordable for my customers. I also love the 40% and sometimes 50% off coupons.

    Yes, some of the fabric is thinner, but you can find nice fabric there if you look. I've even found nice fabric at Walmart! My most recent find at Walmart was David's Textile Kitchen was $2 a yard...beautiful and worked perfectly for aprons!

    I do like to occasionally buy designer fabric, but as someone else said, budget is an issue when it comes to sewing, I do nice and affordable! Most people I've given things too, don't have a clue about the quality of fabric or the I guess it's all good. =)

    Love your selections and congrats on the win!

  11. You did an excellent job matching the designer prints.

    I shop at Joann for different projects and I have thought to myself that there is probably a Flickr group or two that may give me the boot if they knew that I had purchased fabric at (gasp!) Wal-Mart.

  12. I don't know about the rest of the quilting world but I buy fabric at Joann's.

  13. I really like all your colors! I have bought fabric from Joann's and really the only ones that I stay away from are the ones that say "made especially for Joann's" on the selvage because I have had a few really bad experiences with that group of fabrics.

    I love desinger fabric and I have found it at Joann's mixed in with everything else. I don't see anything wrong with buying there, expecially when you are pulling such pretty colors together like you have done!

    Jennifer :)

  14. I shop at Joann's ALL.THE.TIME! Like you said, some of the fabrics aren't as nice, but I just choose wisely. I've been very happy with what I find.

    I drool over fabrics online, but enjoy walking through the fabric store. It's what I do when I want a little time to myself.

  15. I LOVE JOANNS. If it was not for them I would never have done any crafts. I have always bought fabric there. And like a few have said at Walmart also. I think you buy what you can. When I am selling quilts at $300.00 each then I will buy the "great" stuff. I love your colors and your quilt will look great!!

  16. Just wanted to add my two cents - I'm new to this quilting lark :-) and already I am bankrupt. I made by first pillow cover using some of the same fabric you showcase in this post see:

    You have made some very nice quilts - in fact I think I have quilt envy. One day I hope to be as accomplished as you.


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