Sunday, March 27, 2011


Our Spouses Group was contacted earlier this week to see if we'd be interested in attending a taping of Ty Pennington's new show Greatest American Auction. Of course most of us wanted to go.  Anyway, it's a show similar to Antique Roadshow. It was fun hangin' with my girls, but the whole process of the day was actually rather boring. We were right behind the stage for the whole filming of it, so whatever footage they use, I'm sure we will be in some of the shots. It was neat to see, but lots of just standing around. Afterward, we did get a picture with Ty. He is a pretty funny guy and seems so down to earth. He had us laughing rather hard at times.
and I will say a majority of the time...we saw Ty's butt crack. I have a picture, but I'll be nice and not post it! ;)


  1. Too funny!!!!!! And I guess things haven't changed-TV tapings are definitely boring!

  2. Well I guess you can say you have seen more of him then some others.....(not sure I want to see the pic) ha ha ha... so happy you enjoyed you day out with your friends...


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