Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Auction Quilt for the school

The girls' school was doing a silent auction to raise funds for the PTA. Of course I find out about it about 1.5 weeks before it takes place. 

Well I just so happened to have a quilt top that was done just never quilted. It was one of my very first quilt tops from way back in 2007, I think! Initially it was going to be a "picnic quilt" for our family. So I dug it out and isn't it amazing how tastes change over the years! HAHA! I found it rather hideous now, but for a picnic quilt it would have been fine. I shouldn't say isn't hideous, just...bright. And once it was all quilted it did look kinda cute. 

A lady really wanted it and kept upping the bid to make sure she got it. She did end up with it, which made me happy and the school got some money, so it was a win-win. How much? Well, she got it for $70. Not bad! 


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