Friday, June 13, 2014

Camera Straps

One of my friends asked if I knew how to make a camera strap cover. I was like, "Um no! Not at all. I can't sew! Only quilts and that's it!" 
Then I did a little research to find a tutorial just to see how hard it is and if I could 'maybe' do it. 
So I made a practice one:

Tweeked the pattern a bit and then made the one she requested:

Cow Themed. 

So a little background on the "COW" stuff. In the Navy we have a "Officer's Spouses Club". In that club is a Commanding Officer's Wife. Or COW for short. At change of command we (as in the OSC) throw a "COW" party for the new COW and give her a bunch of cow themed stuff. This is for another squadron who's change of command is later in the month. Our squadron's change of command is the beginning of July so I'm making a black and white quilt (with a few cow printed fabrics) for our new COW. I haven't started this yet, so I better get busy!


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