Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lola Sparkle Punch

I'm making a wedding quilt for a fellow Navy Wife in our squadron that just got married. I asked what colors she liked and she said. "Navy Colors!" I asked, "Like Navy blues or "Navy" colors like blue and gold?" Blue & Gold! ugh...I instantly thought, I'm never going to find cute fabric in blues and golds! 

Then I came across Lola by Dear Stella. That will work! 

So I started cutting yesterday:

Did you know for a Sparkle Punch quilt there are 856 - 3.5" squares to cut??? And then sew together! So much for a "quick quilt to whip up"! What was I thinking!? Oh well....I've wanted to make this quilt for SO LONG and I think this fabric will be perfect for it! 


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