Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break! & a Happy Easter to you ALL!

It's Easter Sunday...Happy Easter! We are on Spring Break now and headed to the beautiful South Lake Tahoe, CA for 4 nights in a cabin. I'm imagining that the lake looks somewhat like the picture above. We only live a little over an hour from Tahoe and we've been getting lots of snow the past week. (well not here in "middle of nowhere Fallon, NV"...but in the mountains) So there may be lots more snow, or a little less at lake level...we'll see when we get there!

So no sewing until the weekend for me. But I did finish my "scruffily" quilt and now I'm working on hand sewing the binding to the back. I'll be taking that with me to work on while cuddled under it in front of the fireplace! (snow, fires in the fireplaces, bundled...seems weird for a spring break! But that's ok, we'll be beach side in June at our new residence!)

I'll have my camera and my computer with me so maybe I'll get a post or two on here while I'm gone! (and give you a little peak into my family!)

Oh and those who were wondering what happened to the fallen aviator...he wasn't found and here's an article.
 My husband, I think, said it best, "What is a hero? A hero runs into a burning building, as others run out, to help those that need it. A hero holds his position, while taking fire, to make sure his brothers get to safety. A hero keeps his hands on the controls, while eating his shit sandwich, so others can get out safely. Thanks Brother..."


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip! It's so heartbreaking to hear about the missing pilot. My husband was a Navy pilot too and that fear is always in the back of your mind. Where will you be stationed next? Now that we're out of the military I kind of miss moving to a new adventure every few years! x

  2. Jen, hope your spring break is a wonderful time of peace, fun, activity, rest and all the good things there are rolled up into one long week!

    Thank you for letting us know about the pilot. He is a hero! Sympathy to the family and friends of this brave man!

  3. We'll be headed back to Point Mugu Naval Base in Ventura, CA area. We were stationed there before this current duty for 3 years. Looking forward to going back even though it'll only be for a year. We'll be back there in the future since the bases that have the E2-Cs are only Norfolk, Point Mugu & Japan. What did your husband fly?


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