Monday, April 26, 2010

what to do...what to do????

I've been commissioned to make a quilt. (My 1st commission, btw!) Anyway, a fellow Navy wife asked if I'd make her a quilt to give to a little baby that was born on Valentines Day and is in the hospital with no end in sight. She's got some rare condition and there is no idea when she will be released from the hospital. She thought it'd be nice for her to have a nice quilt to keep her warm and give a little cheer to her while she is in the hospital. 

Instantly I thought of pretty heart themed fabric since her birthday is February 14th. (yes, I already opened the Jelly Roll! Couldn't wait!)  I ordered a Jelly Roll and a Honey Bun (honey bun just because I knew I'd want more for myself!). Originally I had picked out a pattern from the Jelly Roll Quilts book, which I still may do. It's the "Garden Trellis" quilt minus the border since I need it crib size. But now I realized I don't have the Omnigrid triangle ruler thingy that I need for cutting. I need to check Walmart, but I'm almost sure they wont have it. Which means I'd have to drive to Reno to get it and it's an hour away, and I was just there this past Friday, and I don't want to go back again. I want to get started on this NOW! So now I'm thinking that maybe I should so something different..but I have no clue what! 

Any suggestions on what to do with a Jelly Roll or Honey Bun? Something fast and easy??

Have you seen mandalinn's "Garden Trellis"? It's beautiful and that's what sold me on the pattern!


  1. Can you make your own template with something you have at home? Or maybe modify the pattern a bit. It seems a shame to change your plan

  2. you can make the same pattern by paper piecing ...

    You can use the tutorial, just don't put the white strip in ... or you can to make it a little different. And cut all the strips the same width, instead of different widths. Just figure out what size your paper squares need to be based on the size of the squares in your pattern ...

    let us know what you decide!

  3. Hey, the garden Trellis quilt could be done without the ruler. You could make your own template out of cardboard or template plastic if you have it. Here is a tutorial for the double hourglass blocks. This tutorial will need slight modification because she bases it on 2.25 in strips.

    Here is also a great pattern for JR plus HB

  4. Okay looks like my post was too long...another pattern for jR plus HB.

  5. Oh, I hope that baby gets sad. My cousin's daughter was also born this past Valentine's day and she is in the hospital with some rare genetic disorder (or at least that the current working diagnosis).

    I wonder if it's the same baby? My cousin is in Manhattan, NY.

    I made this quilt right after my cousin's daughter was born:


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