Monday, September 27, 2010

A fun filled weekend

So this post isn't about any new quilting...but I just had to share this.
So ya know how I made this quilt for the Hawkeye Ball that we attended on Friday?  I had a couple fellow Navy wives that were all over it and wanted it bad. One in particular, was partly in charge of setting up all the raffle items ahead of time and had gone to the hotel and took the time to hang and display my quilt with the other raffle items.
(picture taken with her camera phone)

We arrive at the Ball and buy some raffle tickets. They were only $1 a piece, which kinda made me sad. Especially to think that someone could buy $1-$5 worth of tickets and win my quilt, but oh well. So my hubby bought $40 worth of thickets and we move down the line to distribute our tickets. There were some great prizes: Tiffany bracelets, necklace, "Date Night", golf lessons, a Nook, I could go on and on. I dumped a bunch in the date night, my hubby in the golf lessons, some in a "kids pack", and he puts ONE ticket in the quilt bag. You see where this is going don't ya!? As he puts his one ticket in there, I see my friend's husband (the one who hung my quilt) putting a HUGE stack of tickets in there. 100 to be exact.  

The raffle begins....Friend who hung quilt wins the 1st prize, a Tiffany bangle bracelet. Friend wins second prize, a Nook. And so the raffle continues.... We win "Date night" which was $50 gift card at a nice restaurant, 2 movie tickets and a $15 Starbucks card. We're happy...
Raffle continues....quilt ticket is drawn....1st number one claims it....going once, going twice....drawing another ticket.....who wins?.....My hubby! He walks up to get the quilt, gets it, turns around,  walks right over to friend who hung the quilt's table and hands it to her. Comes back to our table and asks, "that's what you wanted me to do, right?" "YEP!"
After raffle is over, friend comes up to me and thanks me with tears in her eyes and then tells me that the 1st number called was hers but her husband wouldn't let her claim it since they had won the 1st two prizes.  He wanted someone else to have a chance. So all along, I knew she was suppose to have that quilt!
Come to find out that she had purchased $350 worth of tickets...she deserved every prize she won!

And of course....the rest of the night and all weekend I heard, "sure wish I had that nice new quilt" So now I have to get busy and make hubby a quilt before he leaves on Monday for another month on the ship! (probably not going to happen!)

Oh and I had "Pin-Up" girl photos taken with some of the wives of our squadron. Here's one that hubby took of me. The rest by the photographer are coming soon. It was SO MUCH FUN getting hair and make-up done and then dressing like the beauties of the 40's and 50's. What a fabulous day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Baby!

 I participated in the Flickr's Vintage sheet swap a while ago. (well right before I moved) Anyway, I sent 80 fat quarters and got 80 back! I've been chomping at the bit to make some vintage sheet quilts so FINALLY I whipped up a baby quilt. I plan on making A LOT more of these (especially since I have SO MANY vintage sheet fqs)! I'd like to have one for each bed in the house for the summer months.
This one is going to a fellow Navy wife here in Point Mugu who's daughter is turning one. I had lots of fun going through some of my fat quarters and picking out some bright, cheery prints for a one year old girl. This measures 46"x46" and is backed with some IKEA fabric.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Maverick Stars" DONE!

 It's done and ready to be donated! I'm so happy with this quilt. I think it turned out real nice. This is being donated to the VVOSA on behalf of VAW 113 Officer's Spouse Club for a raffle that is being held this Friday at our Hawkeye/Greyhound Ball. I hope whoever wins this loves it as much as I do! I guess I'll have to make another one just for us. My hubby wants one to take on the ship for his rack. Better get busy! He's due to deploy in a few months!
measures 60"x72"

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget

I'll never forget. 
I would not have the life I have today had 9/11 never happen. 
The day after the tragic events, my husband joined the Navy. He did this to help fight for all of our freedoms and to fight to insure that this never happens again. He said to me the next day, "I'm signing up and joining the Navy TODAY. I can not sit by and watch something like this happen again without fighting. I have to help."
I'm proud to have a man that stood up and makes sacrifices every single day to protect our freedoms. 
God bless the families that lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.
God bless every single service member and their families for helping in the fight.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Halloween Wreath

 I can't stop! 
I posted a picture of my Fall Wreath on my facebook page and a friend suggested a solid black one with longer fabric pieces for Halloween . So I ran right out and got some Kona Black and cut 2" x 6.6" pieces and whipped it up. I kinda jumped the gun because I'm not really even sure if she really wants it, but if she doesn't OH WELL, I'll have something to hang on my door next month!

Access Denied..

Why can't I get onto Etsy? It keeps asking me for a user id and password for "authentication"! Then won't even open up the site....I'm confused. Am I doing something wrong??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Fabric Wreath

I love making these! 
This is made up entirely of scraps.
Tutorial found here.

Now I just need to find a longer wreath hanger!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Maverick Stars Top Done!

I finished the top for the quilt I'm donating for our Hawkeye Ball VVOSA raffle. I was going to quilt it next week. Maybe, just maybe, start it this weekend. My weekend plans fell through so now I'm home with nothing to do, hubby gone again and eldest daughter is coming down with a cold. So we shall see!