Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lola Sparkle Punch

I'm making a wedding quilt for a fellow Navy Wife in our squadron that just got married. I asked what colors she liked and she said. "Navy Colors!" I asked, "Like Navy blues or "Navy" colors like blue and gold?" Blue & Gold! ugh...I instantly thought, I'm never going to find cute fabric in blues and golds! 

Then I came across Lola by Dear Stella. That will work! 

So I started cutting yesterday:

Did you know for a Sparkle Punch quilt there are 856 - 3.5" squares to cut??? And then sew together! So much for a "quick quilt to whip up"! What was I thinking!? Oh well....I've wanted to make this quilt for SO LONG and I think this fabric will be perfect for it! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Camera Straps

One of my friends asked if I knew how to make a camera strap cover. I was like, "Um no! Not at all. I can't sew! Only quilts and that's it!" 
Then I did a little research to find a tutorial just to see how hard it is and if I could 'maybe' do it. 
So I made a practice one:

Tweeked the pattern a bit and then made the one she requested:

Cow Themed. 

So a little background on the "COW" stuff. In the Navy we have a "Officer's Spouses Club". In that club is a Commanding Officer's Wife. Or COW for short. At change of command we (as in the OSC) throw a "COW" party for the new COW and give her a bunch of cow themed stuff. This is for another squadron who's change of command is later in the month. Our squadron's change of command is the beginning of July so I'm making a black and white quilt (with a few cow printed fabrics) for our new COW. I haven't started this yet, so I better get busy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Holly Hobbie Baby Quilt

I made a Holly Hobbie baby quilt for another Navy Wife friend. She isn't into pinks, so this was perfect. I bought a Holly Hobbie fat quarter bundle YEARS ago. Like back in 2007 or 2008. I made a pinwheel quilt and backed it with Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannel. And would you believe...I forgot to photograph it!?! I mailed it and then that night it dawned on me I never took pictures of it! I was so upset! My friend said when she gets it, she'll take some pictures of it for me. 

I did happen to snap a couple pics with my phone as "sneak peeks" but that's all I have. :(

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Auction Quilt for the school

The girls' school was doing a silent auction to raise funds for the PTA. Of course I find out about it about 1.5 weeks before it takes place. 

Well I just so happened to have a quilt top that was done just never quilted. It was one of my very first quilt tops from way back in 2007, I think! Initially it was going to be a "picnic quilt" for our family. So I dug it out and isn't it amazing how tastes change over the years! HAHA! I found it rather hideous now, but for a picnic quilt it would have been fine. I shouldn't say isn't hideous, just...bright. And once it was all quilted it did look kinda cute. 

A lady really wanted it and kept upping the bid to make sure she got it. She did end up with it, which made me happy and the school got some money, so it was a win-win. How much? Well, she got it for $70. Not bad! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wedding Quilt

We went to one of my husband's cousins wedding in May. I decided to make them a quilt. The fabric was all left over from the quilt I made my dad for Christmas. Fabric is Little Black Dress by Basic Grey. 

I can't remember the exact measurements but I think it was around 58"x70-something". I quilted it with a black and white variegated thread since there was so much white it the quilt. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

It's catch up time!

I've been sewing on and off for a few months now but haven't blogged about any of it! So I'll try to catch up and see if I can find all my pictures! ;)

I made this baby quilt with my leftover scraps from my last baby quilt I made and posted about here. The fabrics are Salt Water by Tula Pink.

This was fun to make! (and SUPER fast!) I cut white squares approximately 12"x12" and then arranged the scraps on top and sewed them on like a ticker tape quilt. Then sewed each 12" block together. For the quilting I did straight line quilting in random paths going here and there. (hard to explain, but I think you can sort of see it). I love how it turned out. This went to a old Navy wife friend who's husband is now out, and they just had their first baby.