Sunday, December 13, 2015


Because there wasn't a huge amount of entries, I was able to write each of the names down on paper (and extra entry for those that shared) and draw a folded piece of paper out of a hat. And the winner was DAWN! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Giveaway time!

 I'd like to give away this quilt I made last year. It has been washed and dried so it's all crinkly and ready to be loved. It measures 46.6"wide x 56.5" long. 

 If you'd like to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment. 

What are some of your favorite Christmas or Holiday traditions? 

If you'd like a second chance, share this giveaway, come back and leave a comment that you shared and you then have 2 entries! (Open to the USA only. Sorry. I'll do another one another time open to everyone!)

I'll draw a winner Sunday 12/13/15 8pm CST via Random number generator. Please make sure you include your email address if you are a "no reply" to commenter person.

Good Luck! 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Anna Maria Horner Quilt

I totally forgot to post this after I made it. I had this back in June for my next door neighbor for her Birthday. I've been wanting to make an AMH quilt forever and I finally cut into my stash. I have a TON of AMH fabric because someday I'm going to make an oversized King quilt for my bed. In the meantime though, a lap quilt is just fine. (pictures taken with my iPhone because I was in a rush to gift it and totally forgot to take good pictures)

I love Anna Maria Horner's fabrics. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Card Trees

Trees! Trees! And more Trees!
This is what I've been working on. This has been one of my favorite projects lately. And it only took me 2 days to make over 100!
Normally I dread Christmas Card time. With the invention of photo cards, it's easy. But the pressure to get a good photo of my kids is always a daunting task. They hate having their pictures taken. Hate having to load up somewhere to get "just the right spot" to snap that picture. I'm by no means even a decent photographer, so it's just a huge hassle. I hate it. What I love about photo cards though, is they are easy. Upload a picture or two, order 100, wait for them to come, address them and they're off. Easy. But….there is absolutely NO personalization to them. Yes, they have a picture of my kids on them. But that's it. What about my college friends that I send them to that have never even met my kids. Do they even care? My family and close friends obviously see my kids, so why do they care about a picture of them? Where are the days of actually writing a handwritten note in a Christmas Card to your friends and family? I miss that. Sometimes the only time a year I hear from a long lost friend is in the one and only Christmas card sent each year. Yet I get it and it's just a picture of their kid(s) I've never met. Yes, I do love to see the pictures, but I'd LOVE to actually hear how they are, what they've been up to, and so on. Some of those friends aren't on any social media, so I really have no updates.
 So I made REAL cards this year to send. Blank on the inside. So I am forced to actually WRITE a personalized note to each and every one of them! My Christmas Card list is ridiculous. It's at over 100. And that's with even trimming some each year. Here's why it so big: 1.) I still send cards to my parent's friends that I grew up with each holiday and special occasion. All my extended family lived in the MidWest, while we were in California and didn't have the money to fly to them every holiday. So my parent's friends were like my extended family. 2.) I still send to some of my high school friends. 3.) College friends. 4.) Family. Both my husband and I have a parent that is one of FIVE (husband's dad, one of SIX) kids. Plus all their kids and their kids=Big families. 5.) Military. With this past move being #8 in 12 years, we move a lot. We meet great friends in each and every duty station. My Christmas list grows every year. I've got friends in the States, in Germany, in Japan, and in Australia. So that's why the list is 100+

But I'm looking forward to hand-writing a personal note to each and every one of them. (I may be talking a different tune once I get started, but I'm trying to be positive!) 

As far as the cards go, they were SO FUN to make. I did lots of searching on Pinterest to get ideas and sort of pulled from here and there. I knew I wanted to do trees. I went through all my Christmas fabric and cut some triangles and then small little trunks out of brown. Sewed a simple line down the middle and that's it. 

I love them! I was able to go to my stash of stationary and found all sorts of blank note cards. So my cards this year didn't cost me a penny! Everything was pulled from my stash so that was great and the extra bonus is that I used up some stuff that I've been moving around with me for 10+ years!

Then I had some extra trees cut so I made some gift tags!

Monday, November 9, 2015

What I've been working on

I had a few friends that wanted me to make them advent calendars. So I made these three and think I need to make a few more for some other friends. You'd think I'd be tired of making these but actually I'm sort of on a roll. 

Since these start on December 1st, I really needed to get moving on them. They are completed and mailed and I hope they love them. 

Random Numbers:

Sequential Numbers:

Red and White Polka Dot sashing, Random Numbers:

You can find the tutorial here

Monday, October 5, 2015

Still alive...

I've been away for far too long! 

So here's my latest…
We moved from Southern California to Omaha, Nebraska this summer. I've been busy unpacking and trying to get the house organized. I still have some to do but I've lost steam and have pretty much thrown in the towel. I have all our pictures and wall decor to hang and a few "junk drawer" boxes to unpack. 

My sewing area is all set up (pictures to come soon!) but I haven't pulled my machine out yet. I will soon though because I have a couple Advent Calendars that I'm making for friends that I need to get finished by mid November to mail out. 

In the meantime, I've been crocheting. For some reason cooler weather and fall makes me want to sit and crochet. I have more yarn to buy but here's the start of a blanket I'm making. I don't sew at night (ever) so this gives me something to do while my husband is watching all his dumb shows he watches. (haha!) 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Pink Baby Quilt

One of my friends that lives across the street asked if I'd make a baby quilt for her to give to one of her friends who's due in April. I had her come over and look at my fabrics and pick what she wanted. I happen to have some Heather Ross and Mary Jane fabrics out. This is what I came up with. All the fabrics on the front are Heather Ross and Mary Jane. The backing fabric is one of Jennifer Paganelli's. This quilt measures 38"x47". 

And my next quilt I post will be of the same fabrics since I need to make a baby quilt for a dear friend that had a baby 3 months ago! yes…I'm a slacker! But I love these fabrics together so I want to make another one. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Browsing my blog (which I haven't been on for a while!) I realized I never posted pictures of some quilts I made in November and December! So i'm going to post them all in this post to try and catch up! 

I found out in November that one of my college roommates was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I hadn't seen or even talked to her in 20 years or so. I was able to make a trip up to visit her and I wanted to give her a gift. I got to meet her husband and kids and spend a little time with her. I gave her this quilt. Unfortunately 2 weeks later she passed. I'm glad I got to see her when I did and I'm glad I got to meet her family. Her daughter was very interested in the quilt and asked me a bunch of questions about making it. I'm hoping she is now using this. 
Fabric: Dream On by Urban Chiks
Backed and binded with a vintage sheets

I participated in a Holiday Bazaar on the base I live on. I whipped up some items to try and sell.

First up, a table runner. This is all made from scraps of Anna Maria Horner's various lines.

Next, a baby quilt made of leftovers from another baby quilt I made in the past. 

Another Baby quilt with leftovers from a previous quilt. 

Baby quilt #3

A lap quilt made of various blues, greens and purples

Another lap quilt made of Anna Maria Horner's various prints. Backed with an Amy Butler print. 

I sold the table runner and the blue baby quilt. 

Ok, so that's what I did all before Christmas. Now I'm trying to get into the groove again. Tomorrow I'll post pics of a commissioned baby quilt I made this week.