Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great Friends and Mini Quilts

I love the quilt blog community. 
I have gained some really great friends through these here blogs.
I even have a BBFF (Best Bloggy Friend Forever)!
Her name is Crystal.
And she is super special to me.
She has helped me and taught me so much about sewing and quilting. 
I think I communicate with her more than any other friend I have. 
And we've never met in person. 
And we are Pen Pals. 
And we write to each other at least once a week.
And she sends me some really great stuff.
This is just one of the awesome things she's given me. 

So perfect!

I finally got to hang my 2 mini quilts in my room. 
The top one is one that I received in the Modify Tradition Swap that was held some time ago.
Someday, I hope to have mini quilts covering every wall in my bedroom!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

UGH! Let the unpacking begin...

We made it to Newport, RI!
And oh-my-gosh! I LOVE it here! This is by far the best place we've ever lived! We are living on Fort Adams which is a State Park. It's kinda a peninsula so we have water on three sides. From some of the upstairs windows we have views of all the sailboats that are surrounded  by us. It's gorgeous! The mansions that are around us are amazing too! I can't wait to be done with the unpacking so we can explore this area!!

Ok, so normally I'd NEVER post pics of my house looking like this, but I just moved in so I have an excuse for my place to look this bad! 
I enjoy all the military moves we do....
....but the unpacking SUCKS! I'm so overwhelmed I don't see an end in sight! 
Bad part is that I won't let my husband unpack anything because then #1, I won't know where he puts stuff and #2, I'm kinda a control freak and it has to be perfect. If it's not, I have to redo it. So in the end, it's more work for me. So I do all the unpacking, organizing and decorating and he watches football. I think he gets the great end of the deal! but he is running all my errands and doing the big grocery shopping today. I should send him with the kids so he gets a taste of what I go through when he's deployed! ;) Nah, I'm not that mean!
Here's some of the house now:
family room

view from dining room towards family room

here's my "craft closet". I don't think all my fabric is going to fit in this one little dresser!

This is my youngest room. Her dresser is under and behind all those boxes!

 Here's a view from the doorway to my eldest daughter's room.

and then in her room facing the door. Poor girl..this is my project today!

 this is just inside our room looking towards the small master bath.

master bedroom. boxes on the left are 3-4 high and 2 rows deep...oh and about 5 are clothes along with 2 wardrobes that aren't unpacked yet and our closet is full! Nice! Fortunately our dressers are empty, I just hope it all fits!

ok, gotta go get busy now! Have a nice weekend!