Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today you are Three....

Happy Birthday to my sweet, little, Eden!
Your Daddy comes home tomorrow after a 217 day deployment....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elena & Eden's Vintage Sheet Quilts

I got the girls' quilts done. These will go in our trailer when we drive across country for our move (which I have no idea when is going to happen since we STILL don't have orders!) But for now, the girls are sleeping with them every night. They drag them out while they are watching TV in the family room too. I'm glad they are being used and I love them!
Each is backed with a vintage sheet. The smaller one for Eden measures 50"x54". Elena's measures 53"x65"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Babysitter's Quilt

I finished a quilt for my babysitter. She's a 23 year old college student living in the dorms, so I thought this would be nice for her to have. She has been wonderful! She's the first "sitter" we've had in 6 years! I seriously don't know how I would have made it though this 7 1/2 month deployment without her!
My husband is due home on the 1st!! We have a "date night" scheduled for the 6th, so I'll be giving this to Brittany then.
It's kinda hard to see, but for the quilting I free form quilted large flowers in the center of each 10" square and then a smaller flower in each corner where the squares met up. They aren't perfect, but something different for me and I really like how it turned out. (these 2 pictures above were taken before washing and drying the quilt) This quilt is made with Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane and measures 58.5" x 67.5".

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little "DS Quilts" love...

 check another "to do" off the list. 
I have another friend prego and I made this quilt for her. Her baby shower is after I move so I won't be able to attend so I needed to get it done before I move.
My friend really likes the more "traditional" style quilts so this is what I came up with.
measures approximately 42"x42"
Anyway, it was suppose to be a quilt consisting of the Carpenter's Wheel blocks. BUT I wanted it to be completely scrappy consisting of the reds and blues in the DS Quilts fabrics. Well it just wasn't working out. So I constructed the center "Star Flower" then just winged it on the perimeter of it. After 4 of them, I got super sick of half square triangles, that I gave up. So for the center block, I did the star flower and then just used the fabrics to frame it. Then I realized it still needed more so I did the star flowers for each corner. I like how it turned out. Hope she does too! I'll give it to her later this month. (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, so I think I'm safe!)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do you think I have a chance.....

of starting and finishing 7 quilts by August 1st? I'm giving myself the August 1st deadline because if all goes as planned, my husband is coming home the 1st of August after being gone since December 26th!! I'm so excited and I know once he's home I won't be sewing, plus the fact that the next week we will be getting packed out to move to Rhode Island.

These have all been cut, just ready to be sewn together:
  1. two Daisy Chain Avalon Quilts (need to be done by 7/29)
  2. one 80"x80" vintage sheet quilt (needs to be done by 8/5)
  3. three 55"x70" vintage sheet quilts (need to be done by 8/5)
  4. one 60"x70 Nicey Jane quilt (needs to be done by 8/5)
 plus one top that is done and needs to be basted, quilted and bound; also due by 7/29.
So do you think I can do it????