Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've been bitten.... the "Mug Rug Bug"! Have you?
What is a mug rug you ask? Answer: A mug rug is an oversized coaster for your mug or glass or cup and has room for a cookie on the side!
These are so fun to make because they are so small! I have more of them to show, but you have to wait..they are going to a couple friends that might visit here every so often! 
This one was my first practice one and I screwed up on my binding, so I'm keeping this one. Obviously, it's made with some of my vintage sheets scraps.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival

So I finally decided to participate in Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival! I've never done this before because I always feel like I have to wait for just the right quilt to enter. Well, ya know what?? I love my Pinwheel Sampler Quilt. So that's what I chose to enter!

I participated in Rachel of p.s. i quilt's Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along. I thoroughly enjoyed making this. I loved the fabrics and looked forward to what combination I'd use for each block. This measures 58"x69" and is made with Kate Spain's "Verna". The solids are a white and a beige IKEA sheet. This quilt lives on my sofa and I use it just about every day when I'm watching TV. 
Enjoy browsing all those beautiful quilts out there! What inspiration!!

Deliveries Deliveries!

Don't ya love mail!?! I got a box yesterday from Crystal. She's been trying to purge some of her stuff she doesn't want or really need. She also knows that lately I've been on this HUGE "Vintage" kick. I am obsessed with vintage sheets and it's been gradually spilling over into everything vintage. I love it! All of it...the furniture, the music, the clothing, the way of life....I could go on and on. I can honestly say that if I could time travel I'd go back to the 40s and 50s. I would happily wear a gorgeous swing dress and heals, have dinner in the oven, lipstick on and greet my hubby at the door with a cocktail in hand for him to sit and relax. (I know...I could do it now, but nah...)Anyway.....Here's what I got from the lovely Crystal:
5 Vintage sheets, a "Dream On" charm pack, 2 adorable flax-seed hand warmers, 2 Mendocino coasters which also came with matching little napkins (not pictured) that got commandeered by my daughters to use as doll blankets. All beautiful stuff! Thanks, Crystal!

Then today the mailman delivered some fabric that I ordered from Above All Fabric who is having a great sale of $3.99 & $5.99 fabrics! I seriously think I found a new "favorite" online fabric store! On top of great prices, they have $5 shipping (NO LIMIT!!) in the US! And they are FAST! I placed my order on the 26th and got it 3 days later.

top left (going down):  Amy Butler Daisy Chain: Wildflowers-Rose, Amy Butler Daisy Chain: Sweet Jasmine-Natural, AB Daisy Chain: Mosaic Rose, AB Daisy Chain: Kaleidoscope Dots-Rose, Patricia Bravo Spellbound: Deep Graphic Rose
center top (going down):  Mo Bedell Party Dress: Scatter Garden-Shindig, Mo Bedell Party Dress: Diamond Garden-Shindig, Patricia Bravo Spellbound: Midnight Bubbles, Patricia Bravo Spellbound: Lavender Plaid
top right (going down):  Patricia Bravo Nature Elements: Lime Sherbet, Erin McMorris Park Slope: Leaf Dots-Green, Michael Miller Candy Dots

I've been really wanting to make a quilt with purples, navy blues, and lime greens. (some of the Amy Butler prints are a little too pink, but I'm sure I'll find other uses for those!) So now, I'm hunting and gathering purples, dark blues, and lime greens.

I am absolutely LOVING Anthology's High Society in the Lime Palette

Have a Spooktacular Halloween! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My awesome giveaway win...

It's been a long while since I've won a giveaway. Whenever I do,  I'm always thrilled. This one especially! Kati at from the blue chair, hosted a giveaway for some great business cards. I entered and won! 
I love them so much! (I'm not a great photographer, she has some better pics on her blog!) Notice the front of the card??? It's my Modify Tradition quilt top! I chose that picture because with all the different colors, it kinda goes with my blog title. (Now I have the constant reminder to hurry up and finish that quilt!!) Soon....

The last time I had business cards was before I was married (and before kids) when I used to be a Probation Officer. Even then, those cards were the standard issue "County" cards, nothing fancy! It's so nice to now have "fancy, nice" cards!
Thanks, Kati!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Goodies...

 Since I now have 2 kiddos that will be "Trick-or-Treating" this year, I needed to make another Trick-or-Treat bag. I still had some left over jelly roll strips from this bag, so I made another one.

 Then, while I had all my Halloween fabric out, I figured I'd make a couple table runners with the scraps. My mom's birthday was yesterday so I made one for her. The other one is for my grandmother that lives next door to her. I figured my mom could pick the one she likes and then give the other one to my grandma. Now I just need to make one for myself! 

Friday, October 8, 2010


I guess I knew it was going to happen, so that's why I'm not shocked or surprised. Right after we moved back to CA in June we were informed that my husband's current squadron would be cutting him loose in December. He was suppose to be on 24 month orders. Because they are letting him go in December after only 8 months he is now being sent to Afghanistan in December. 

(and to get into why is too long, but it all boils down to "fit-reps" (evaluations for the Lieutenants) while he is in the squadron, he hogs up the #1 spot b/c he is the most senior so in turn "screws" more junior Lt.s while he's there. Squadron's solution: get rid of him, problem solved. Never mind that we just moved here in June, have a child in 1st grade that just started in September and now my husband has almost 2 extra years of "free-time" so getting sent to Afghanistan is inevitable!)

He leaves a couple days after Christmas. At least we have Christmas together....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Avalon Quilt

 Apparently this is my "go-to" quilt when I need to make one quickly! So because my hubby gave the Maverick Star quilt away I promised him I'd make him one before he left on the USS Ronald Regan for a month. Which luckily for me, his departure was pushed out a couple weeks. He was suppose to leave this past Monday, so I was working like crazy to get this done. Took me 2 days and then I just had the binding left to do which I lagged on because of the postponement. 

 Anyway, it's done now and I LOVE this quilt! It's made with Amy Butler's Daisy Chain. Measures 62"x82"
 I think one of my favorite things about this quilt is the back.  I made it with a vintage sheet that Crystal sent me a while back. It's just a twin size sheet with tiny pinstripes that are green, yellow, tan and blue. is SO SOFT! I want to keep this quilt so bad for me, but since it's for the hubs, it will be in the house (when he's home) so that's ok. Maybe I'll just steal it from time to time! ;)