Friday, October 29, 2010

Deliveries Deliveries!

Don't ya love mail!?! I got a box yesterday from Crystal. She's been trying to purge some of her stuff she doesn't want or really need. She also knows that lately I've been on this HUGE "Vintage" kick. I am obsessed with vintage sheets and it's been gradually spilling over into everything vintage. I love it! All of it...the furniture, the music, the clothing, the way of life....I could go on and on. I can honestly say that if I could time travel I'd go back to the 40s and 50s. I would happily wear a gorgeous swing dress and heals, have dinner in the oven, lipstick on and greet my hubby at the door with a cocktail in hand for him to sit and relax. (I know...I could do it now, but nah...)Anyway.....Here's what I got from the lovely Crystal:
5 Vintage sheets, a "Dream On" charm pack, 2 adorable flax-seed hand warmers, 2 Mendocino coasters which also came with matching little napkins (not pictured) that got commandeered by my daughters to use as doll blankets. All beautiful stuff! Thanks, Crystal!

Then today the mailman delivered some fabric that I ordered from Above All Fabric who is having a great sale of $3.99 & $5.99 fabrics! I seriously think I found a new "favorite" online fabric store! On top of great prices, they have $5 shipping (NO LIMIT!!) in the US! And they are FAST! I placed my order on the 26th and got it 3 days later.

top left (going down):  Amy Butler Daisy Chain: Wildflowers-Rose, Amy Butler Daisy Chain: Sweet Jasmine-Natural, AB Daisy Chain: Mosaic Rose, AB Daisy Chain: Kaleidoscope Dots-Rose, Patricia Bravo Spellbound: Deep Graphic Rose
center top (going down):  Mo Bedell Party Dress: Scatter Garden-Shindig, Mo Bedell Party Dress: Diamond Garden-Shindig, Patricia Bravo Spellbound: Midnight Bubbles, Patricia Bravo Spellbound: Lavender Plaid
top right (going down):  Patricia Bravo Nature Elements: Lime Sherbet, Erin McMorris Park Slope: Leaf Dots-Green, Michael Miller Candy Dots

I've been really wanting to make a quilt with purples, navy blues, and lime greens. (some of the Amy Butler prints are a little too pink, but I'm sure I'll find other uses for those!) So now, I'm hunting and gathering purples, dark blues, and lime greens.

I am absolutely LOVING Anthology's High Society in the Lime Palette

Have a Spooktacular Halloween! 


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