Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Avalon Quilt

 Apparently this is my "go-to" quilt when I need to make one quickly! So because my hubby gave the Maverick Star quilt away I promised him I'd make him one before he left on the USS Ronald Regan for a month. Which luckily for me, his departure was pushed out a couple weeks. He was suppose to leave this past Monday, so I was working like crazy to get this done. Took me 2 days and then I just had the binding left to do which I lagged on because of the postponement. 

 Anyway, it's done now and I LOVE this quilt! It's made with Amy Butler's Daisy Chain. Measures 62"x82"
 I think one of my favorite things about this quilt is the back.  I made it with a vintage sheet that Crystal sent me a while back. It's just a twin size sheet with tiny pinstripes that are green, yellow, tan and blue. is SO SOFT! I want to keep this quilt so bad for me, but since it's for the hubs, it will be in the house (when he's home) so that's ok. Maybe I'll just steal it from time to time! ;)


  1. This is a great quilt. I really like this simple design. I'm thinking of doing something similar with a layer cake I have.

  2. Simple & beautiful=just how I like them! Nice job on your fabric selection

  3. Love it! The white really makes the squares pop!

  4. Beautiful Jen! I love the colors and the white sashing. Vintage sheets for backs really make the quilt, don't they!

    Godspeed to your hubby and our prayers are with you all! Thank you.

  5. I love your new quilt! Well, your husband's new quilt. I think the Avalon quilt pattern is so's interesting because of the sashing and it shows off beautiful patterns in the fabric. And it's fast!

    Also, you can't imagine how happy I am that you actually used one of the sheets I sent you. I know I'd never have gotten around to using, despite how soft and pretty it is. Love the stripes with this quilt!

    Also, I finally found the last of my vintage sheets...still packed away from the move last summer! I kept all of my favorite prints "in a safe place". I'm sure you know how tht goes. Anyway, if you want them, they're yours. I'll need your new address, though. If you don't want them, I'll give them away on my blog so no worries. :)


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