Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is taking FOREVER!

it's going to look good when done, I think...but boy is it time consuming!
(any thoughts I had about hand quilting my MT quilt are now gone!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

fabric diet needed...ASAP

Well, I'm back from vacation and bought a whole lot of fabric that I didn't really need. But I'm tired of liking something, then waiting, then having it not available. So I bought it!

I had a great time at my mom's and the kids had a blast. But I'm happy to be home and ready to get sewing again!
Here's what I got:
Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane. All 50% off from a lqs in Rockford, IL

6 1/2 yards of Anne Kelle's Remix for Robert Kaufman @ 70% off from a lqs in Belvidere, IL. (yes, I bought all that was left on the bolt. I paid $18 for all of it including tax!)

Some dots to go with my "Flower Sugar" fabrics. purchased from Hancock Fabrics in Rockford, IL. One is a Robert Kaufman that they accidentally didn't charge me for.

Michael Miller's Lil' Cowpokes and Lil' Cowgirl and a blue bandanna print from the same line. I couldn't resist, it was too darn cute! Purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Some miscellaneous prints from Hobby Lobby that were all on sale 30% off. 

and of course, some of those Denyse Schmidt fabrics that are now at Joann's that everyone is talking about. Another that I was not going to miss the boat on!