Saturday, April 23, 2011

This is taking FOREVER!

it's going to look good when done, I think...but boy is it time consuming!
(any thoughts I had about hand quilting my MT quilt are now gone!)


  1. I LOVE this!! I so enjoy handquilting and get excited when I see others taking part in an almost dieing art. Very nicely done - very dramatic.

  2. This looks so great. Seeing projects like this makes me what to do hand quilting. It looks fabulous.

  3. Time consuming but also relaxing and gives a beautiful soft handmade effect. I guess it depends how much you like the look of hand quilting for that particular quilt. Taking extra time to hand quilt it may give you great satisfaction as you look at the finished product over the coming years.
    I love the finish of hand quilting on a recent quilt (and others).
    You could keep the quilting to a minimum to speed it up.....I guess you could always add extra quilt lines later if you decided you wanted to.

  4. It will be worth it in the end! It's really beautiful!!

  5. Oh Jen. :o)
    That is gorgeous!!
    Your stitches are beautiful.
    I know what you mean, it does take a long time and yet it gives such a nice look!
    I hope you have had a nice weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. Jen, what is this?! Your stitching is so, so beautiful!

    I'm sad that you aren't going to hand quilt your MT quilt but I know it'll still look beautiful with machine stitching.

  7. Gorgeous! Ditto the above comments, this is great!

  8. ohhh, i really wanna touch this. so beautiful and perfectly taut. you're gonna love it.

  9. Your stitches are perfect! Enjoy the proces...(says the one who had to take a week off work to finish handquilting a quilt for a show because she totally underestimated how long it would take).

  10. Jen, This is very pretty work. Your stitches look wonderful and you will never regret the time you have put in to this piece. This is more than just a hand quilting piece.

    Regarding your hand quilting of the MT quilt... I agree with one of the previous comments in that you will forever look at your hand quilted pieces and be pleased with yourself for taking the time now to hand quilt them. Although we all realize that all quilts simply cannot be hand quilted. Some are destined for the MaCHiNe.

    My Anniversary Quilt is the best example I can provide. I took the time to needle turn applique my own Rose of Sharon using my own templates. Then I carefully pieced the blocks with my 1928 Red Eye, a wedding gift from husband's grandmother. My hand work looks pretty good. I knew that I must hand quilt it but due to transfers and new jobs for both of us during those following 5 years, I finally removed it from my king-size GRaCe frame and sent it to a professional machine quilter. Although she did an exquisite job - I already feel that I have let myself down by not hand quilting it.

    We make choices everyday. We do not need to rush ourselves, life is way too important.

  11. Hi Jen, I got your comments today - thank you. I want to look at the MT pictures and think about it overnight. I would be happy to give you some ideas to think about. Oh, uh... and you're doing pretty good for two years!!

  12. your handquilting is wonderful. I wish mine was as perfect as yours.


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