Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sewing again

As some of you know that have been following me for a while, my hubby is in the Navy. Well this past year he's been at the Naval War College in Newport, RI so he's been a full time student and home all the time with no deployments. We've had a ton of family time and I've pretty much done very little sewing in the past year and a half. He left the beginning of January to go to a Safety School course in FL for a month and then 3 months in VA to re-qualify in his plane. Then he will move back to CA and we will join him in June when school is out. 

So now that he's gone, I've been sewing again! I completed a baby quilt in about 2 days but I can't post pictures of it yet since it's a gift. I'll be mailing it this week and the baby shower is in February, so I'll post pics after.

Last night I sewed these lovelies together...
And created a 90"x90" quilt top!

Then when I was all done sewing for the night, this is what my back yard looked like...
When i woke up in the morning, I was so glad I had my new Jeep that my hubby bought me for my Birthday back in November!

Have a wonderful week and I hope to be a bit more regular on my blog. I've got lots of OLD wips I'd like to finish up!