Monday, November 29, 2010


....was packed. Fun, but way too crowded for me. The good part was that Thanksgiving day it was pretty empty, so that was nice. The day after Thanksgiving was the busiest I've ever seen it and I've been there A LOT! (too much actually.  Hubby and I decided we need to wait at least 2 years before we go again. It's actually getting a little old to me and I never wanted that to happen, so time for a break!)
The holiday decorations were amazing and I'm super glad I got to experience that! It really put me in the holiday mood. Here's some pictures that my hubby took.

"it's a small world" all lit up

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Mug Rugs

A friend of mine placed a custom order for some mug rugs to match her tea cups for a tea party she wants to have. I haven't seen her cups in person but she requested blues, yellows and white. I made her these eight:
Then she loved the mug rugs that I made previously of the trees and requested four of those for her family room. So, here are those:

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving (well, those of you that live in the States, that is!) And  everyone else, have a nice week. We are headed to Disneyland tomorrow for the rest of the week and I'm so excited! (even though I was just there in June.) I've never been during their Christmastime decorations and I'm super excited for it! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today is the first day....

of the last year in my 30s.....Wow...I'm getting old....and it really hit me this birthday....

On a good note, hubby is suppose to return today! Keeping fingers crossed he makes it. We have approx. 6 weeks together so we are going to make the most of it! I think we are going to Disneyland for Thanksgiving....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doll Quilts

 I had 12 of these blocks assembled to make a baby quilt a while back and then scratched the idea because I didn't really like how it was looking. (and I didn't feel like making around 20 more!) So I decided with the ones I had made I'd just make some doll quilts for the girls. 
Then I saw this cute binding tutorial so I wanted to try that as well. First, I've never machine finished my binding, so I wanted to see how that went with something that "didn't really matter". So I tried the tutorial and it's really neat and very easy.  But I still need practice on that one! So then on the other 2 I decided I'd machine attach & finish those as well since I just did the 1st one in no time flat. BUT...I realized I attached the binding to the BACK (as it states to do in the cute faux piping tutorial) then finished it (by machine) to the front!! Another DUH moment. Didn't even realize that was wrong until several hours later when I was looking at the 2 that didn't have the "piped binding". I realized what you are "suppose" to do after the fact...oh well!  Machine finishing the binding is so fast! Talk about instant gratification when finishing a quilt! Although I enjoy hand stitching the binding to the back way too much to give it up. But I have realized that if I need something done quick and it's small, I now know that I can do it by machine.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mug Rugs

Here's the other mug rugs I made. I tell ya, these are quite addicting! They are so fun because they don't take much time and you an try new stuff on a smaller scale. I've never really done applique, so this was a bit of trial and error. I realized you can use fusible web. Duhh!! I realized if you fusible web the whole thing, when it's done it's like a piece of cardboard. Oops!  (and it was heat n' bond lite!) I have no clue what I'm doing. Even with all my screw ups I still think they turned out sorta cute! Top 2 went to Crystal and the other 2 went to my BFF.

Check this out!

Remember my "Maverick Stars" donation quilt? Well the lovely Lisa over at Shiner's View suggested that I submit my story to Quiltstory and I did. Well they are featuring me today! Go check it out!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What do you do with your quilts that aren't birthday presents, baby shower gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, or any other gift imaginable??

  • Do you keep them for yourself?
  • Do you sell them? If you sell them,  do you have an etsy shop? Or other web-based shop? Do they sell? Do people actually buy quilts that are handmade? How do you set a price? How do you spread the word that you have quilts for sale?
I ask because I see myself making a bunch of quilts in the future for no particular person or reason. Then I think, "what am I going to do with 15 quilts in the house?" Yes,  I have my bed,  my daughter's beds, the guest bed, and the beds in our trailer to make quilts for...but then what? What do I do with all the "quilt along" quilts I have in the works? What do I do with all the beautiful lap sized quilts that I want to make?

All but two of my quilts I've given away to friends, family or donation. Now what?  What do you do with your quilts?

Monday, November 8, 2010


I saw this in one of my friend's kitchens when I lived in NV. When we moved into this house and I decided to do my kitchen "retro" themed, I knew I wanted to do this too! Right before I left NV I had purchased 6 yards of this fabric. I made a kitchen valance and now my EAT letters. This is also the first time I decoupaged. I got the paper mache letters at Joann's and then covered them with the fabric. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Couldn't resist!

Yep, I just decided I'd join another quilt along! Yeah, I know...I have 2 others that I've started and haven't finished yet! 
(sorry for the crappy picture. I took this tonight in my kitchen so the lighting and shadows are pretty bad!)
Fabrics: Dream On by Urban Chicks; Moda Bella Solids-White; Moda Marble Botanicals 
But I just got this gorgeous "Dream On" Charm pack that I'm dying to use, and I just came across That Girl...That Quilt's blog and saw the quilt along that just started, so I have to do it...right? Plus I have all the other fabric. I bought the "Marble Bontanicals" at a local quilt shop that was 1/2 off. It's not like it's my favorite fabric or anything, but for the price I couldn't resist. I figured it would make a good quilt back for a baby quilt sometime. But when I looked at it tonight with the Dream On charm pack, it looked perfect.

So let's see how far I get with this one! ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm totally starstruck!

OH MY what a fabulous day I had! I'm a HUGE Red Hot Chili Pepper, ridiculously huge! Last night I found out that RHCP were going to be at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove in LA today doing a book signing event for their book that was just released. Of course I missed the boat on getting a wristband to get a book signed. I was so upset! Then one of my friends here on base called and said I should go anyway and that she'd watch my kids. So this morning before I headed out I found out that they were doing an interview w/ Mario Lopez for Extra at 11am. I made it there! And oh my gosh was it ever AWESOME!!! They were so close to me! I'm so in love with Anthony Kiedis! Didn't score on the book signing, but after seeing them so close for the interview, I didn't even care! I know.....I sound like a ridiculous teenager! Oh well!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Girls......

....had so much fun last night. Although Eden (my 2 yr. old) got a little scared of all the boys running around here with scary masks on! So she ended up riding in the jog stroller most of the night! Trick-or-Treating on a military base is so much fun! I can't even explain how many people are out and how cool it is! We had a great time!