Monday, November 29, 2010


....was packed. Fun, but way too crowded for me. The good part was that Thanksgiving day it was pretty empty, so that was nice. The day after Thanksgiving was the busiest I've ever seen it and I've been there A LOT! (too much actually.  Hubby and I decided we need to wait at least 2 years before we go again. It's actually getting a little old to me and I never wanted that to happen, so time for a break!)
The holiday decorations were amazing and I'm super glad I got to experience that! It really put me in the holiday mood. Here's some pictures that my hubby took.

"it's a small world" all lit up


  1. So pretty! Have never been...but it looks magical!

  2. So...inquiring minds want to know--did you actually GO on Small World? I think the music is ever-so-slightly-less-annoying during the holidays, maybe because they add another song, Jingle Bells or something (can't remember now...)

  3. It definitely looks great at night with all the lights. I'm glad you were able to have some fun despite all the people. We went about 5 years ago on Halloween and Nov 1. It was fabulous. There was hardly anyone there.

  4. How beautiful! Glad you had fun and are in the holiday spirit!


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