Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please Pray.....

This is the plane my husband flies in. Praying for a safe return of the missing crew member. The E2-C Hawkeye community is a very small community in the Navy. We all are like family and it this very scary news....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are Blog Friends the BEST or what???

I swear, all of you guys are the best! Who doesn't love to get mail? I know I do especially when it's completely unexpected! I think it's true that when kind acts are received it makes you want to reciprocate! Look what I got  in the mail yesterday.
Vanessa @ Live, Laugh, Sew had posted this on her blog a little while ago and I loved it! How sweet of her to send one to me! This is something I'll use ALL THE TIME! Having something pretty to hold crochet hooks just makes me so happy!

Then there's Crystal...@ Sonnet of the Moon & Modify Tradition. Can I say enough about this girl? She has inspired me in so many ways I can't even put it into words! The work that she and Jennifer are doing on the Modify Tradition blog amazes me every week! I've learned so much from those two ladies! ok...back to Crystal....she sent me a 16 POUND box full of vintage sheets! In the future, (when I don't have like FIVE projects going at the same time) I want to make a vintage sheet quilt. So I've started collecting the vintage sheets and here's what she added to my collection!

Do you love getting mail? Especially when it's totally unexpected? Blog friends really are the best!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A new TV, and a Sponsor Giveaway!

So, we got a new TV. Our old one died and if you know my husband and me, we can't live without our TV! Now I'm in the market for a new corner TV stand. Here's a great site for corner TV stands. My favorites are this and this. What I like about corner TV stands is that they seem to take up less room. Living the "military life", we move A LOT! I never know if the next house is going to be super small or rather large. So I've found that the corner stands seem to work best for us.

Have you ever checked out any of the CSN online stores? I love their sites because they have great prices and tons of customer reviews of products! I love to hear what real people say about stuff they've purchased online! AND, Wanna hear something really cool? It just happens that a representative from CSN stores has offered a giveaway! This giveaway is open to USA and Canada only since that is where they ship to. (The item will come from them.) So the following is what I've come up with: a chance at some neat wall art to decorate your space!

#1 : Canvas art "Squares" by Miguel Paredes. 2 piece set 19" x 14"
Squares by Miguel Paredes, Canvas Art - 19

#2: Canvas art "Clouds" by Miguel Paredes. 2 piece set 19" x 14"
Clouds by Miguel Paredes, Canvas Art - 19

#3: Canvas art "Cote D'Azur" by Jean Dumergue 24" x 19"
Cote D'Azur by Jean Dumergue, Traditional 
Canvas Art - 24

3 Chances to win:
1.) leave a comment as to which one you would like (#1, #2 or #3)
2.) become a follower, then let me know in another comment. (if you already are, let me know)
3.) blog (or post to another site: twitter, facebook etc.) about this giveaway then let me know

I'll draw a winner on Friday April 2nd.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

WINNER! picked number 14 (which is my fav number! Birthday, ya know!) Anyway, congratulations to Pokey! I sent you an email requesting your address. Have a happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

straight line quilting

For all you "straight line" quilters out there....I bow to you! Boy is it ever hard! You'd think it'd be easy...but it's NOT! At least not for me! The quilting on this one is taking me forever! For one, my quilt is 80" x 80" sandwiched. So it's heavy...and huge. My walking foot isn't really working on it's own because of the weight of the quilt. So I'm pretty much all over the place! It's driving me nuts! This one is going to my best friend, so I'm chalking all my wiggles and non-straight lines to "character" of the quilt! I'm hoping lots of it will be disguised after washing.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what I'm working on & a GIVEAWAY!

Here's what I'm currently working on:

My mom and aunt are gone. :( And I'm still trying to get better. I've been so sick with the worst cold/virus of my life, I think! Horrible cough, stuffy, running nose, head hurts...I could go on and on. After 2 visits to the Dr. I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. I have so much sewing to do by April 14th, I've got to get busy! So anyway, the above picture is the "Scruffily Quilt" I'm working on. Made with April Cornell's "Nostalgia" for Moda.

Now for the GIVEAWAY part....the above tutorial calls for 1 layer cake, 1 charm pack and 1 jelly roll. The jelly roll part, you only need 2 1/2" cut off each strip of fabric. So now I have the remainder jelly roll. That's the giveaway. It's got the selvage and 2 1/2" cut off each strip. (On about 6 strips I cut off two 2 1/2" strips.) So other than that, it's pretty much a whole jelly roll. Again, it's April Cornell's "Nostalgia" line. If you'd like it, leave me a comment. I'll draw a winner on Saturday! Good Luck! 

Monday, March 15, 2010


We have a winner! Lucky #2, Jennifer you won! I've went you an email for your mailing info! Thanks to all who entered!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pinwheel Sampler week #3

Here's week #3 blocks for p.s.i quilt's pinwheel quilt along.

I still need to make Modify Tradition's block for the week. Not sure when I'll get that one done. It's so cute and I'm excited to make it but I've been so sick all week. I have the worst cold EVER! 

My mom and aunt come here for 10 days on Friday. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! It's been almost a year since I've seen them! So I'm either going to get lots of sewing done because they are entertaining the kiddos or not very much sewing done because I'm too busy visiting. We'll see how it turns out! I have lots to do over the next few weeks. 1.) 2 baby boy quilts for a cousin that is having twins 2.) a surprise for someone (who may be reading my blog, so I can't say too much).  All of which need to be completely done by April 15th!

Well, lots of cleaning needs to be done in this house right now. So I better get busy even though I'm still pretty much feeling like crap! It amazes me how much a 19 month old, one 6 year old, one German Shepherd Dog, and a husband can destroy a house in no time flat! (like how I excluded myself from that list! Who me?...mess up the house?....NEVER! ha ha!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How about another giveaway?

This time I'm giving away: "The Kitchen Linens Book" Using, Sharing, and Cherishing the Fabrics of Our Daily Lives by EllyAnne Geisel
2 flour sack towels measuring 28" x 29"

The Kitchen Linens Book features wonderful graphics and photos, EllynAnne's recollections of kitchen linens that have played a roll in her life, as well as other people's memories of kitchen linens, old fashioned recipes, a section of projects for "Reinventing Kitchen Linens", fabric care instructions, and an incredibly cute Butterick Transfer Pattern for creating your own fun retro style kitchen linens!
 I love the look of hand embroidered tea towels, pillow cases, or anything, really, for that matter! I don't know how to do it, but maybe someday, I'll learn!

To enter, leave a comment: Do you know how to hand embroider? What are your favorite things to embroider? Do you collect any vintage items, if so, what are they?

I'll draw a winner next Monday March 15th! Good luck!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Winner Winner!

#20 -  Dee You WON!! I've sent you an email.

Thanks to all who participated! Stayed tuned...I have another giveaway I'm going to post tomorrow! 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another block and mystery mail!

The "Dandy" block for Modify Tradition's Round 2 quilt along.  I've been running a little behind this week. My 6 year old is sick again!  Everyone in her class seems to have it. It really infuriates me how parents send their kids to school sick! Took my daughter to Urgent Care today and she is at the beginning stages of pneumonia. So glad I took her in today! Now she's got antibiotics and hopefully will be feeling well in a couple days.
Then I got a package today from my best friend's Mother-in-Law. She is actually the one who inspired me to start quilting a year ago! I saw some of the quilts she made for my best friend's kids and thought, this looks fun...I'm gonna try it! And look at me now! So anyway, I have given her crocheted dishcloths in the past because she loves them so much. She sent me a picture of one of them and it's literally barely there! It's all worn out and huge holes throughout. She said she won't part with it. Guess I need to send her some more! Also in the package were these lovely Minnie and Mickey Mouse embroidered towels! I LOVE Mickey Mouse and EVERYTHING Disneyland! We actually met up with them one of our trips to Disneyland and had breakfast with my best friend and family. So she knows how much I love Mickey! Wasn't this so sweet of her! Apparently she got a new sewing machine and is having so much fun with it!
Also, if you haven't entered my giveaway, you still have time! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giveaway time!

As much as I'd love to keep this and make another Snippets quilt....I'm going to give it away! It's my left overs and since I'm moving in June, I think it's best if I try and weed out a little! The giveaway is for one "Snippets" charm pack (40 charm squares) by American Jane and 25 1/2" x WOF(it's actually just a bit shy of 26") of the red print fabric which is also part of that line. Leave a comment to enter and I'll draw a winner Monday March 8th in the morning! For an extra entry, blog about it in your blog then leave another comment! Good Luck!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

more quilt along blocks

for  week 2 of p.s. i quilt's pinwheel quilt along. I'm loving the "Verna". I'm so happy that I'm doing this quilt along with fabric I won from one of Rachel's giveaways!

block #3 "Sunshine" block for Modify Tradition's Round 2 quilt along.'s all messed up. Somewhere, somehow, I'm off. I re-did the center thinking I measured and cut wrong there, but it came out the exact same size. I had already pieced and sewn all the sides, so I wasn't about to re-cut and start over there. I'm guessing that is where my measurements were off. They were around 1/2" too long on each side. So anyway, I centered the best I could and sewed them on there; then trimmed them up. So I know they are off and the corners are bad and my inside diamond doesn't have points on the sides...but it's o.k. In a whole quilt, it won't be that noticeable! And even though this block was a little tough for me, and it isn't perfect or even correct for that matter, I actually really like it!