Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another block and mystery mail!

The "Dandy" block for Modify Tradition's Round 2 quilt along.  I've been running a little behind this week. My 6 year old is sick again!  Everyone in her class seems to have it. It really infuriates me how parents send their kids to school sick! Took my daughter to Urgent Care today and she is at the beginning stages of pneumonia. So glad I took her in today! Now she's got antibiotics and hopefully will be feeling well in a couple days.
Then I got a package today from my best friend's Mother-in-Law. She is actually the one who inspired me to start quilting a year ago! I saw some of the quilts she made for my best friend's kids and thought, this looks fun...I'm gonna try it! And look at me now! So anyway, I have given her crocheted dishcloths in the past because she loves them so much. She sent me a picture of one of them and it's literally barely there! It's all worn out and huge holes throughout. She said she won't part with it. Guess I need to send her some more! Also in the package were these lovely Minnie and Mickey Mouse embroidered towels! I LOVE Mickey Mouse and EVERYTHING Disneyland! We actually met up with them one of our trips to Disneyland and had breakfast with my best friend and family. So she knows how much I love Mickey! Wasn't this so sweet of her! Apparently she got a new sewing machine and is having so much fun with it!
Also, if you haven't entered my giveaway, you still have time! 


  1. I love the block!

    I couldn't agree with you more about parent's who send their sick kids to school. Even when I was still working - I made a point to keep them home. My kids always came first.. and my boss knew that. But I do feel for those parents who get pulled in both directions.

    My mom makes crocheted dish cloths too.. and I love them. She makes these awesome double potholders too. My absolute favorite.

  2. I love the Dandy block!

    Amen about the sick kids! Nothing urkes me more than when I take my little one to school and the entire class is coughing away....BTW-my little one also got pneumonia a couple of weeks ago & we missed an enitre week of school just to make sure that we didn't pass it on to others.

  3. so glad we live in a country where you can take your kids to the doctor almost the very minute you think they're sick and get them treated so quickly! Hope she's on the mend asap!

    The dishtowels are really too cute!

    The block is lovely. I really like the fabrics you've picked out!

    Hope you all have a great weekend!


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