Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Sea Glass"

I love this quilt.
It's probably one of my favorites.
I made this for a friend that is going to have a baby boy. Her baby shower is next Saturday.
The fabric is a variety from my stash, some from Joann's and most from Little Island Quilting's giveaway that I won a little while ago.

I quilted it doing straight lines 1/4" from each seam. It's backed with a flannel print from Joann's which I forgot to pre-wash. (I never pre-wash any of my fabrics except for flannel.) This quilt is so crinkly and I have no idea if it's because of not pre-washing the flannel or not. But I love it!
measures: 37.5" x 46"


  1. I love it! HSTs are so effective!! And what a great choice of name, too. Fabulous finish, Jen!

  2. I am a lover of HST's and this is just so spectacular! Great colors and texture. And with a flannel back, so cuddly. Very nice finish.

  3. Gorgeous! I love all of the lovely greens and blues. Well done!

  4. As with previous comments I agree that there is something about HSTs and the colours you have chose really give it some pzazz.
    Lovely, really lovely - I'd have a hard time giving it away too if it was mine!

  5. What a gorgeous quilt Jen, perfect for a baby boy and one he won't outgrow as the prints aren't baby-cute ones.

  6. It's beautiful ... caught my eye well before i read about it !!! Love it!

  7. I *love* your quilt Jen!!
    The more crinkles the better huh?! :o)
    I hope you had a great Mother's Day!
    Sincerely, Trish

  8. Hi Jen! I love this in blues. I did one in pinks and browns many years ago for a gift and always wanted one for myself. Hmmm.... I think I have another project on my list. Thanks a lot... :) hehehe.

    I had a chance to look at a think about your MT quilt. It's quite good Jen. How long have you been quilting? Very nice work you're doing!

    Here goes...

    The first thing I did was to look at the bold quilting of your "taking forever" post and consider the quilting style that you seem to love. The chunky thread in soft color can make a grand impact.

    I like the idea of your hand quilting on the MT in that style. Because this quilt is "modern with a twist" it desires something unique. Make it modern with a twist of ViNTaGe! So considering that in the 1930s some quilters would use Perle Cotton to hand quilt applique quilts why not do the same here. You like the style,and you can add an element of surprise to this contemporary work. I would like to suggest you use Perle cotton in various related shades, and shadow quilt the piece work, first. Then add a special "punch" by quilting circular movement in the white space. You have a linear quilt going, so the flow of curves will soften and give the eye a fun place to go. But, don't overdue -not too much quilting - the eye needs a place to rest.

    Let me know what you think.

    Best, Julia.

  9. Jen! LOVE it! I'm pretty sure that color combo is one of my ALL time faves... Good job!! Looks amazing :)

  10. Jen, I love, love, love this quilt! You know I have a thing for green + blue. This is such a fun quilt for a new baby.

    Did your quilt shift when you were quilting? I can't seem to keep mine from shifting and that's why I haven't tried straight line quilting. So sad! Do you have any tips?

  11. I love this quilt.

  12. Wow! Those colors are faaaabulous! and right up my alley!


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