Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do you think I have a chance.....

of starting and finishing 7 quilts by August 1st? I'm giving myself the August 1st deadline because if all goes as planned, my husband is coming home the 1st of August after being gone since December 26th!! I'm so excited and I know once he's home I won't be sewing, plus the fact that the next week we will be getting packed out to move to Rhode Island.

These have all been cut, just ready to be sewn together:
  1. two Daisy Chain Avalon Quilts (need to be done by 7/29)
  2. one 80"x80" vintage sheet quilt (needs to be done by 8/5)
  3. three 55"x70" vintage sheet quilts (need to be done by 8/5)
  4. one 60"x70 Nicey Jane quilt (needs to be done by 8/5)
 plus one top that is done and needs to be basted, quilted and bound; also due by 7/29.
So do you think I can do it????


  1. Ambitious! I guess it depends how many hours a day you can sew! I can't wait to see them as you finish them.

  2. Sew girl sew - I have 8 set for July, but mine are all in their flimsie state (UFO's ready to go) Two got done over 4th weekend.

  3. Totally! I think you can do it for sure!! :o) I am so happy for you, that your husband is coming home soon! I know you are counting down the days!!

  4. Totally doable. I made 12 tops in 4 days for foster care. Granted, I didn't have to quilt them but once you are in the groove stuff happens! good luck!

  5. yes you can! i am looking forward to seeing your progress. :)

  6. good luck! it will be fun to watch your progress and cheer you on. :o)


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