Friday, November 13, 2009

Advent Calendar is DONE!

I am SO EXCITED about this! I love it so much! It was labor intensive, as always the first time I make something,  but so worth it! I'm going to make a couple more. But for the next one I got felt for the numbers. That way I don't have to applique them. I'll probably still stitch through the numbers but maybe just do a straight stitch through the middle or something. The appliques was so hard and cutting the numbers out of the fabric even with the heat and bond was difficult. So maybe the felt will be ok. I got it in various colors that match the fabric.

The fabric I used was Be Merry by Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs. You can find the tutorial to make this lovely Advent Calendar here. Measures 23 1/2"W x 34"H.

Here's the back 

And if you look one pretty big mistake on this thing! On the number 23, I forgot to applique it! I didn't even realize it until I had the whole top sewn together. There is no way to fix it now, but it's ok. This one is for our family, so no one will mind! Now I know to double check all my numbers before I make the pockets!

Well...tomorrow is my birthday. I'm going to a baby shower in the morning and then my dad and his wife and meeting my girls and I for lunch. They live a few hours away and we haven't seen them in a while. We'll do lunch and then they'll come to our place and visit and play w/ the girls for a while. My hubby is gone due to work yet again for another birthday. But it's ok, I pretty much stopped celebrating birthdays at 29! (in case you are wondering...I'm turning 38) Birthdays just aren't the same as when you were a little kid! He did give me a great gift before he left though! I got a Kindle!

And from my girls, my hubby always gets me a couple of these gorgeous Willow Tree figurines that I collect. Aren't they lovely??



  1. Beautiful advent calendar quilt! I'd like it as a regular quilt too...the colors are really pretty.

    And happy almost birthday! I wish I had a kindle! How do you like it so far? Have you tried any free books yet? Are they good or crappy?

  2. wow and wow! it's beautiful and the back is just so much fun! you did an awesome job and i really like the fabric!

    now...for the most important thing...Happy Birthday! one more time...Happy Birthday! i hope it's the best one ever and that you know how much you are loved and appreciated.

    enjoy the day and the Willow Tree figures are a fave of mine!

    thanks for such a fun Friday Finish!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Very cute! Awesome job stippling, and I love the polka dot love love all things polka dots! :)

    Have a Happy Birthday!!! :)


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