Saturday, April 24, 2010

finally...caught up

Finished all my blocks for the Pinwheel Quilt along! So glad! Now, if I have time, I may piece the top tomorrow. But I've been sewing all day and feeling a little neglectful to the kiddos and house. We'll see....
 block #6
block #7
block #8: this block was a "pick your own" block. I loved this one when we did it on the Modify Tradition's Round 1 quilt-a-long so I did it for this one too!
these are 4 extra blocks I made to make the quilt 4x5 instead of 4x4. So these will get thrown in the mix somewhere.

And...on a totally different note...Can you believe this was just on the 21st of April at my house??
and it's in the mid-70s today....crazy!


  1. love the blocks! You are clearly a busy lady these days!

  2. the blocks look awesome.....don't feel bad....i took my kids to get updated on shot, because i knew it'd make them sleepy, so i could sew today....two birds, one stone.....but i felt guilty, so when we went to the store i let them each pick out a movie & one pack of M&M's!

    and are you sure you don't live in Indiana, because we get some crazy weather around here day nice & beautiful, in the 80's, and the next freezing with snow/sleet! You gotta love Mother Nature!

  3. Jen, the blocks are just perfect! I can't pick a favorite one!

    We have children? Houses? Husbands? I thought all in our world was just sewing and quilting! Sheesh. Thanks for bursting my bubble!

    Wet, rainy and cold here but just perfect for an afternoon nap!


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