Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not sewing related....

I finally have internet! YAY! 
So this is where I now call home.
This is an areal view of Point Mugu NAWC, CA. I love it here. We lived here 3 years ago and it's so nice to be back! I'll get some better pictures soon! 
So we've been here for 2 weeks and my 6 year old is having the time of her life. She has made a new friend which is actually the daughter of our old Skipper when we were here before. But since she was 3 when we left, she doesn't remember her. Now, her dad is the Skipper of the base and they've become quite close. The nice thing about living on a Naval Base is that kids can actually play outside in the neighborhoods. Like I used to do when I was a child. There is a park on every single block on this base and they are all new. So everyday, my daughter and her 8yr old friend hop on their bikes and hit the 3 closest parks to our house. They are gone most of the day playing outside, riding bikes, hide & seek on our street, etc. It's the most wonderful feeling that my kids can do this here. NEVER would they be able to if we lived in town somewhere. I love that there are military police patrols 24/7 here and you can't even get on this base until you have an ID and have been cleared. Yes, I know there are still freaks in the world, but here, I feel safe. I know just about everyone on my street and on all the surrounding streets and about every other house is a family that is in my husband's squadron. Everyday my daughter comes home and says she's met new friends. She hasn't experienced this before, so she is thrilled and I am very happy. Navy life is good. Even though hubby leaves tomorrow until Aug 7th or so! :(  On the upside, my sister arrives from Calagary on Saturday and we are headed to Disneyland for a whole week! Ready for some Mouse fun!!


  1. Love the feeling of freedom we can give our kiddoes by letting them ride their bikes and go play outside! So happy for you that the move is a dream so far!

    Have fun at Disneyland and we'll be praying for hubby!

  2. Great to see you back! My brother & his wife an daughter are just leaving Fort Irwin, CA ... same thing ... their 10 year old could go ANYWHERE she wanted!

    Have a blast at mickeyworld!

  3. Sometimes I do miss the military days.. I'm bummed that my new home won't have a base close by. I'm going to have to give up the cheap groceries.

  4. So glad you are enjoying your new home :)


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