Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My year in review...

1. Cow Table Runner, 2. Friendship Bags, 3. Trees Mug Rugs, 4. mug rugs, 5. Halloween Table Runner II, 6. Halloween Table Runner I, 7. Sean's Quilt, 8. Vintage Baby, 9. "Maverick Stars", 10. HalloweenWreath1, 11. Fall Fabric Wreath, 12. Avalon4, 13. Sam, I am, 14. "StarStruck", 15. sent with love, 16. pinwheel sampler, 17. winnie scruffily front, 18. Gino front, 19. Scruffily Nostalgia, 20. twin#1, 21. twin#2, 22. Snippets front, 23. winnie front, 24. Ticker Tape, 25. littlequiltfront

Been seeing these popping up everywhere, so I figured I may as well do one too! And I'm glad I did!
#1 - I accomplished a lot! I didn't think I did this much this past year, so it's kinda nice to see it all in front of me.
#2 - I have learned to to take a little better of a picture. Take that back..I've discovered Picnik for my photo editing needs. So therefore, my pictures are a little better.
#3 - This was just the motivation I needed to start getting busy on my next year's worth of projects!

Our Christmas was great....Hubby left for his 8 1/2 month IA (individual augmentee) to Afghanistan on Sunday :( He is spending a week in San Diego doing medical stuff and a bunch of paperwork, then he's off to South Carolina for 2-3 weeks of Army training, then he'll head on over to Afghanistan. We (the girls and I) are doing just fine. First few weeks are always easy for me b/c we get into a routine. Now...4 or 5 months down the road.....I'll be pulling my hair out and I'll be trying to throw as many "pity parties" that I can!

Have a Happy and SAFE New Years!!


  1. You've done so many cute things this year. So sorry your husband will be gone for so long. That's tough. I don't know how you do it. I hope you get lots of chances to use up all that batting you bought this coming year. I'm still a little jealous of that big bolt....

  2. Once again thankful and in awe of our military men and women and their families! Our prayers are with you.

    You know I've loved every project you've done and it's neat to see the progression through the year! You've done such awesome things and learned so much!

    Happy New Year Jen!

  3. Ooh I LOVE these year in review posts!

    You've gotten a lot done. And I totally admire you as your husband goes off for such an extended time.

  4. You have had a wonderful, crafty year! Take care while your hubby is away; thank you {and him} for your sacrifices for our country!

    Jennifer :)

  5. Great mosaic - you have done so much this year. My favourite is the pinwheel sampler. Happy New Year!

  6. it has been so much fun watching you create this year! in some ways, i feel like we learned to quilt together!


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