Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ticker Tape x2

Here's a couple doll quilts going to a friend of mine for her kids. I saved my Verna scraps from my pinwheel quilt specifically to make one of these someday. I love it!
 Measures: 16x20.5
Front: all Verna by Kate Spain scraps
Binding fabric: Celebration by Brenda Riddle for Lecien
Backing fabric: Darlene Zimmerman's Clothesline Club 2007 "Fresh Picked"
Measures: 16x21
Front: all scraps from my stash
Binding fabric: some no-name red stripe I had in my stash
Backing fabric: "Apron Strings" by Chloe's Closet


  1. Oh how cute!!! :o)
    I love them! :o)
    I hope you have a great weekend!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. These are so cute!! I'm going to have to try the ticker tape method very soon...

    Jennifer :)

  3. These little quilts are so pretty! I love ticker tape quilts, especially for small quilts. They just have so much personality, you know?

    Hey, are you going to to the Bottled Rainbows quilt-along? I am! It's a ticker tape but sorted by's perfect for me since I mostly like things to be all the same color.

  4. These are so cute - I love ticker tape quilts but what is ticker tape (we don't have it in the UK?). I need to find someone to make a doll quilt for. I made a pink one for my neice who sobbed because it was for her doll and not her and she couldn't wear it!!!

  5. these are adorable and look soooo very cuddly! I apologize...but, i dunno what a "ticker-tape" quilt is. =(

    thanks for sharing the pix - love them!


  6. love, love, love your ticker tape quilts. I teach quilting at a local elementary school and make tons of ticker tape quilts for a local charity. and the striped edging is super.


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