Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Sawyer Quilt

I have a friend pregnant with a boy and they've picked out the name "Sawyer". (so let's hope they don't change their mind!) Anyway, her baby shower is next month so I made her a ticker tape quilt. I will never tire of making these! #1, they are a great use for scraps; #2, they are super fun to make; and #3, I have yet to see one that I didn't like. Babies love them because they are 'textural'. 
 I did learn something though...I usually use a glue stick to hold my scraps in place before I sew them down. This time, I ran out of glue sticks about mid way through. So I improvised and used a temporary  fabric glue. Well, those scraps that were held down by fabric glue are stiff and kinda hard. I had no idea it would do that and I'm hoping with more washes those will soften up. So I'll wash and dry it again and see if that helps!
I've had a couple people ask me about labels so here's the label for this one.
I used Rachel's of ps i quilt's tutorial, except I machine stitched through all layers to attach to the back.
(and yes, it took me until right now that I realized I wrote July when it's actually June! Oh well, the shower is in July!)

Quilt stats:
measures: 30"x38"
made entirely of scraps from my stash and many given to me from Crystal (Thanks Crystal!!You seriously have the best scraps EVER!)
background fabric is unbleached muslin
backing fabric is one of the prints from Folksy Flannel by Anna Maria Horner
binding fabric is Farmer's Market "Pomegranite Seeds" by Sandi Henderson


  1. What a sweet personalized gift! She is sure to love it!!

  2. What an adorable quilt!! :o)
    Thanks so much for suggesting that I label my quilts.
    I labeled 6 today! :o) I have only made 6, so I am ready to go for the next one completed. :o) I used the p.s. i quilt tutorial too! And will post soon. :o)
    Have a great week!
    Sincerely, Trish

  3. Thanks for showing off your label! This quilt is adorable - I bet Baby Sawyer will get many years of use out of it. :)

  4. this is a cute quilt! very nice mix of prints!

    i have a couple of boy quilts that need to be stitched also. thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Fantastic! I have yet to make one of these, I don't really have a good selection of scraps, though I was thinking about just cutting up a charm pack to make one....hmm..


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