Friday, August 19, 2011

Avalon x two

 I have a friend (another Navy spouse) that really likes the quilt I made for Sean (my husband). She liked it so much she asked what the fabric was and where to order it. She then asked if she bought all the fabric, if I'd be willing to make her one. I said sure. Well because this pattern uses fat quarters she had to order 1/2 yard increments. So I told her she'd have enough for 2 quilts if she wanted. So she said that would be great. 

 Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Avalon found in Material Obsession
Fabric: Amy Butler Daisy Chain
Measurements:  58"x78.8"
machine bound front and back using Jennifer from That Girl..That Quilt's tutorial found here.
(yes, I typically do not like machine binding the whole quilt and I've said in the past I won't do it again, but I needed to get these done fast and this time I did A LOT better! Using the binding clips, like Jennifer suggests, helped a great deal and this time it turned out pretty darn good!)
I got all my quilts done that I set out to do with exception to the one vintage sheet quilt for our bed in the trailer. The top is almost done, I'm just not sure if I can get it done by Tuesday. The packers arrive Tuesday to pack us up and we will be on the road next Friday!

ok, so do you want to hear our trip itinerary for relocating from California to Rhode Island? Well I'll share it anyway! This, of course, is tentative, but we hope to stick pretty close to this plan:
Friday Aug. 26th: Barstow, CA
Saturday Aug. 27th: Cedar City, UT
Sunday Aug. 28th: Grand Junction, CO
Monday Aug. 29th: Denver, CO
Tuesday Aug. 30th: Grand Island, NE
Wednesday Aug. 31st: Rock Island,  IL
Thursday Sept. 1st-3rd: Rockford, IL (this is where my mom lives)
Sunday Sept. 4th: Sandusky, OH
Monday Sept. 5th: East Stroudsburg. PA
Tuesday Sept. 6th: NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND!!
Yes, it's taking us this long because we are pulling a travel trailer and have 2 kids and a dog. So we are figuring about 300 miles a day. Enough time to set up camp, take a swim, and make some dinner...then bed after each stop. 
I'm super excited to hit the road! I love road trips!


  1. Hi Jen! Good luck with your move! Are you going to Cedar Point when you are in Sandusky? The water park there is awesome and so kid friendly. And when you get to Newport, be sure to visit Jamestown, and mapquest Beavertail Lighthouse which is one of the most gorgeous places on earth!! Oh, and you have inspired me to find vintage sheets!! OMG! I have a new addiction :)

  2. These look great, love the colours. Hope your move and the road trip goes well

  3. Hi Jen. :o)
    Oh I am so excited for your trip going cross country!! If I could do it all over again, it would be just as you are doing. We were in such a mad dash from west coast to east, that we drove so much. Barely time to sleep, and in a hotel at that.
    Your quilts look fabulous!! How awesome that you were able to make two. :o) Double the sweetness. :o) I have that book and really can't wait to make some of the quilts from it. Avalon is right there at the top of my list. :o)
    Have a fabulous drive. Will be praying for you guys.
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. Good luck with your cross-country trip. We moved last summer from Michigan to Idaho with 2 kids. Made lots of stops and lots of great memories.
    Your quilts are great! I am currently making an Avalon quilt as well. I am using Christmas fabrics and it's going to be a gift for my mom.

  5. Hi Jen,

    I'm a jerk and am just now sending your package...but I'm not sure if it'll get to your place by Thursday. Should I wait to send it to your new address or should I send it to your old address in hopes that it is forwarded? Mail me in flickr mail if you want me to send it today. Otherwise, I'll wait to send it until you know your new address. Good luck on your trip!!

  6. Hi Jen! :o)
    You won my give a way.
    May I please have your "new"
    mailing address, and I will pop
    your goodies in the mail for you.
    Have a great day!
    love. Trish

  7. I really like this fabric and it works perfectly with the pattern. Now, I need to try to do a quilt for myself I think.


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