Monday, January 16, 2012

January Mini Quilt

Here's my January Mini Quilt for Crystal
I could not think of an idea at all! So I came up with this just using some scraps. I think I need to start coming up with several ideas and write them down since I have 8 or so more of these to make! But boy are mini quilts ever fun! Making mini quilts has got to be one of my most favorite projects I've done! They are fast and practically instant gratification!

measures: 16"x19"
fabric: "California Dreamin" by Jenean Morrison


  1. It LOOKS like it was fun! Nothing like creating an original ~

  2. I love it! This would be a fun quilt block in a larger quilt :-)

  3. It is so cute! I love mini quilts and need to make some more of them because everyone needs a bit of instant gratification in their lives... ;)

    Jennifer :)

  4. Love this, so fun and scrappy looking!


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