Thursday, May 3, 2012

April's mini

Here's April's Mini Quilt for Crystal. As most of you know I love Vintage Sheets. So I gathered a bunch of scraps and made this little string quilt. 
 It measures 18"x18"
Here's the back. I love this print!

We had some real nice weather here and I was excited to work with the vintage sheets again. Now, of course, we have horrible, raining, dreary weather and it's put a damper on my quilting. I actually did some sewing last weekend but I'm now at a standstill since I need to do my basting outside and it's all rainy! Hopefully it clears up soon, because I'm excited to show you the other stuff I've made!


  1. It's so pretty! Vintage sheets have such a unique look to them =D

  2. I am so behind on's taken me 10 days to get this far back in my blog reader. But I'm happy I finally got to it because I love this mini! It makes me want to sew bright springy quilts!!


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