Saturday, October 20, 2012

DEVASTATION...a lesson learned the hard way..

Today I decided to pull out my Cathedral Windows quilt that I started several months ago. I wanted to see how many white squares I had pressed and ready to go so I can start working on that again. 

To my HORROR, this is what I discovered on my completed blocks and one incomplete block.
this is the incomplete block, only the 4 windows on the right are sewn.

one of the completed blocks.

Look closely. See all the RUST spots! OMG! The block not completed was tacked with pins and on the edges, quilt binding clips. The completed block, the edges were tacked with pins.

I'm guessing it's the humidity here in RI. I'm not used to it, I don't know much about it being from California and never even thought that it would affect my pins and binding clips!

These are all the FRONT of it. At first, I thought, it will be ok....once I attach all these blocks together, I'll be putting windows over these and it won't show at all. No big deal.
WRONG... Here's the BACK!
 These are the 2 completed blocks that just had pins in them. Now these I think I'll still keep because this quilt it for me and the rust marks are small enough that they won't bother me too much.

These are the back of the incomplete block. Top one here shows all the binding clip damage, the bottom picture shows where I had pins holding the window to be sewn in. So needless to say, this block is getting trashed.

Here are some of the pins and clips. You can see the rust if you look close.

So here's my lesson learned (that maybe all of you already know!):
I will never have pins or binding clips "hold" my work for me and let it sit. Especially when using white fabric. And especially if I live somewhere where there is humidity!


  1. I'm so sorry, Jen! You are right, we forget how things are affected in different climates. Personally, I think I would keep it and use it for a mug rug or hot pad, it still is a bunch of stitches on a pretty project! You could back it with a pretty print ~

  2. Try a solution of dawn dish washing liquid and water. Let the stains soak and rinse well in cool water. If any spots are left treat with zout laundry stain remover before you wash it.
    Hope that helps!!!

  3. Sad! I'm so sorry. That stinks.

  4. I had this happen to me once too.

  5. Oh no! That is such a beautiful block. I had this happen once with straight pins. I'm sorry! I hope the idea Kenna mentioned works.

  6. Oxalic acid may get the stains out. It comes as a white powder. Mix. With a little water to make a paste then put on stain with a small stick like a toothpick. Wait a few minutes then carefully rinse out. It used to be available in drug stores. Also I'd wear gloves to do it. I used to use his method to get spots out of tablecloths.

  7. Vinegar and salt work pretty good for getting it out. Like others said, too much hard work putting in those stitches to throw it out. Good luck.

  8. Lemon juice and sunlight, work a little rust out.


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