Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Queen sized blue & green

One of my good friends requested a queen sized quilt made with the blues and greens of the Nicey Jane line. I'm finally running low on what I had but thankfully I have lots of other blues and greens. So I made her a basic patchwork quilt that was 90"x90". I think my squares were 10" finished. I gave it to her a while ago and she is a photographer so I told her she has to take the pics of it for me. ;) 

We went out yesterday and she took some family pictures for us since my hubby is home for 2 weeks before he moves to CA while we wait until June to join him. was SUPER windy, so we were unable to take pictures of it laying down on the rocks. We tried and as soon as we'd step back away from it, the wind would whip it up. SO frustrating! I couldn't even hold it up for pictures because it's so big and then wind was blowing it everywhere. So I ended up wrapping it around me and she took some pics of that! 

And here's our family picture. We didn't have much luck with these. My youngest hates pictures and the wind was bad and it was cold. But this one turned out pretty good!


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