Monday, October 21, 2013

Stacked Strips

My husband's annual Navy "Hawkeye Ball" was this past Saturday. I made a quilt to donate for a raffle benefitting the VVOSA. This year we raised a total of $4000! 

I made this quilt, start to finish, in TWO days! I did use a jelly roll so that helped. But I had a heck of a time squaring it up. 
Fabric: SoHo Chic by Sandy Gervais
Backing fabric is a print I picked up from Joann's since this fabric wasn't out yet in yardage yet.
Measures: 67"x79" (approx. I forgot to write the actually finished dimensions down)

One of my friends won it so I was happy!


  1. WOW!! That is an amazing amount of money!! That must make you feel so good!!!

  2. I just did this quilt too and the squaring up was horrible! Great job at the auction!

  3. My granddaughter and I were looking for quilt ideas using the SoHo fabric. We found your quilt and she LOVES it! Do you have a pattern available or some basic instructions for spacing the colored fabric strips, etc.? Also, the white fabric that you used, is in a solid white or patterned?

    1. Thank you! No I didn’t use a pattern. I did use a jelly roll so each strip was 2.5” by whatever length I chose. I then cut a bunch of white strips 2.5” and sewed one on each end. Then I laid it out adjusting it how I wanted the strips and pinned and then sewed together and then trimmed the edges by squaring up the quilt. Hope that helps!

  4. Great!! Thank you for the tips...I'll be working on this one in the next week or so.


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