Sunday, January 19, 2014

A LATE Christmas Gift for My Sister

I'm such a slacker! 
For Christmas this year, my sister requested a quilt for her bed. She loves Chevrons and wanted a Chevron quilt. She found all the fabrics she wanted so I purchased those and got to work on it. It's fairly easy to piece, so that part went rather quick. But this was big. The hard part was the quilting. I knew I wanted to do straight line quilting but it's so time consuming! It took me a while to get it done. Plus, I have such a hard time with straight line quilting especially with such a big, heavy quilt. But I got it done and I hope she likes it! 
Measures: 78"x82"


  1. You are an awesome sister! What a beautiful quilt to give!

  2. Wow so nice of you to do that! Only one of my sisters owns one of my quilts... but the other lives in Florida so I'm going to presume they don't really need one. :-)
    Perfect colors - my fav!


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