Friday, January 13, 2017

Little of this and that

I've been blog lazy. I'll admit it. First off, I'm not a good photographer. Even though I have an ok DSLR camera, I don't really know how to use it. I don't like pulling it out of the closet and trying and trying to get a good picture. I use my phone camera. All.the.time. So as to what I've been up to in the past few months, I'm going to just barf up all my phone pics for you. If you'd like me to follow me on Instagram, feel free.  I always post what I'm doing on there. My username is: jennewby71. I think that's what you need? I'm not even sure! So here you go….here's all my stuff I've been doing:

These were a couple "tooth fairy" pillows I made for a good friend's kids who came to visit me on their trek from CA to RI.

This is a blanket I was working on for a Christmas gift, but then realized I'd never finish in time and I was thinking that I really really love this that I may want to keep it for myself! ;) Pattern found here

Here are a couple wreaths I made for two November Birthday friends. 

When I was making all the advent calendars and pillows, here's what my sewing area looked like.

My BFF quilting friend, Crystal, loves Halloween, so for Christmas I made her a Halloween Countdown calendar.  I totally winged the whole thing and literally pieced it as I was going. No plans. So yeah, I primly should have planned better…but oh well. I was trying to get so much done for Christmas. 
 I learned how to hand embroider (via youtube). I'm still learning. It's fun. I love doing it while I watch TV.

I made lots of crocheted snowflake garlands.  This one is mine. 

I decided I'd make my sister an Anna Maria Horner Feather Quilt 2 weeks before Christmas. Yeah, she got a  Sephora gift card instead. This is a project I realized I'd NEVER finish in 2 weeks. So now it will be her Birthday gift in August. (if I finish it by then!)

I have around 5-6 friends pregnant right now. So I'm working on crocheted baby blankets for them. 

We got a new small sectional and we are using a small side table as the coffee table. I have a mug rug for my drink but my husband doesn't, so I made him one. I have no idea why I prefer mug rugs over coasters, but I do! 

I'm working on some Valentine's Day pillows now. This has been keeping me busy. I have several friends that have put in orders that they want to purchase. Again, I sit by the fire at night, watch TV and hand embroider and it's my favorite thing to do right now! 

ok, So I caught you all up on pretty much everything "crafty" that I've been doing lately. Hope everyone is doing great and having a great new start to the year! 


  1. Your embroidery is fantastic! No wonder your friends are asking for some of your work!

  2. Your embroidery is fantastic! No wonder your friends are asking for some of your work!


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