Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How about a giveaway?

I'm just about done with a quilt for a friend that's having a baby. Just have to do the binding. She's doing the baby's room in a nautical theme. As usual, I overestimated the amount of fabric needed. So I have extras that I know I probably won't use for anythings else. I LOVE the fabric though! Figured, why not pass it on to someone who may want it! It's from the line "Sail Away" by Debbie Taylor-Kerman for Henry Glass Fabrics.

  • the light blue background with the anchors is just shy of  1 1/2 yards
  • the cream background with the large sail boats is 7 1/2 inches x wof
  • there are 7 of the 4-patch blocks
  • some strip scraps
  • and quite a bunch of pieces I strip sewed together and then cut (I was going to use them as a border around the whole quilt but after attaching one side realized it would make the quilt too big for what I wanted.
All the pieces that are sewn together could easily be taken apart to use for whatever you need!

All you have to do to win this is leave me a comment! And if you have any great tips or tricks on squaring up a quilt; basting a quilt, how to keep stitches even when free motion quilting, or any other tips/tricks in general that you think are time (and insanity) savers, I'd love to hear them! I've only been quilting about a year now and I'm completely self taught (or blog taught!) so I need all the help I can get! I'll draw for a winner Monday October 26th. Good Luck!


  1. cute, cute fabric!
    if you have tile or linoleum on your floors with the squares, you can lay our your quilt and check it's "squareness" that way. it's how I do it.
    I will pin and hand baste a quilt before maching quilting.
    stippling or meandering stitches on a quilt are very forgiving of new machine quilters.
    watch tutorial on Youtube for tips to help you as you go along!

    best wished and hope things go smoothly for you on this project! which I can't wait to see!

  2. Very cute fabric! Over from Dee's site, and am loving that fabric. It is difficult to find good boyish fabric that may be interesting beyond the baby stage!!! I almost always have someone around us having a baby. I am thinking quilt!!!

    My tip is this, cut your scraps before you put them away so that it is easier to quickly pull them out and make something!! Of course, I prefer you wait until your next batch of scraps!!! LOL!!!



  3. I am so loving that fabric!!!

    Even stitches: practice, practice, practice, etc. Also make sure your are quilting at the same speed (some people put a book just under the foot pedal this way when you push all the way down you will get a constant speed without going full throttle), and make sure you're moving your quilt at a constant speed. If you move the quilt too quickly your stitches will be long, and if you move your quilt too slowly the stitches will be too tiny.

    I love quilting with machingers...wouldn't quilt without them. Helps with gripping the quilt without distorting the fabric.

    As for squaring up, I square up the blocks to the smallest sized block then use my 1/4 inch foot.

  4. Love the fabric! You did a great job on the quilt too. It's adorable. Great colors for a boy as well.


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