Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mom's quilt

I hope it's safe to post this! I'm mailing it today for my mom who's birthday is the 18th. I hope she likes it!



  1. Gorgeous!!! Are those charm squares on the front? How many? I love love love the colors. Perfect for fall! Good Job!

  2. Thanks! The fabrics are fat quarters that I cut up. I used the pattern "3-6-9 Quilt" by P3 designs.


    I modified it a bit in that I didn't do the borders and I think I made it a row wider but a couple rows shorter. The lap size pattern said it'd be 59"x77" and I thought that would be too big for my mom to use in her chair she likes to sit in. Of course I forgot to measure it when it was all done and now it's packed and on it's way to IL!

  3. Ooooooohhhh....how beautiful! Oh my goodness beautiful! The colors are so perfect for a fall birthday. Did you do the quilting yourself? If the package gets a little sidetracked, don't come looking for me! LOL She's going to love it and how neat for her to be able to snuggle up under it and remember you! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Thanks Dee, yes, I quilted it myself. Far from perfect...but that just gives it "character"! ;) I'm still trying to master stitch length consistency, avoiding making points, and not going over other stitches! I had a real hard time with some major puckers on the back with this one! I spray baste and I just couldn't get it right on this one. It's doesn't show too bad and I think my mom probably won't even notice, but boy did I see the screw ups!


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