Friday, July 2, 2010

Sam, I am.

I've had this quilt done since before the move. I just had the label to do and then wash and dry it. So I just finished it up last night and now it's ready to be sent to Baby Sam, another baby born to a Navy family.

The floral/animal print is "Hot Flash" by Luella Doss and Andrea Schuster for Free Spirit Fabrics that I picked up from a lqs in Reno. The solid colors are from a Robert Kaufman Solids jelly roll, and the beige is an IKEA beige Dvala sheet. It measures 39"x46".

Hope you all have a great weekend and those that are living in the USA, enjoy your Independence Day! I think I'll be heading to the beach for the day. I'll be home alone this year w/ the kiddos while my hubby is aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.  He's due home early August, so a little over a month to go!


  1. BEautiful quilt! Have fun at the beach...

  2. So cute. I'm hoping to sew this weekend. *fingers crossed*

  3. Very cute! That's going to be one happy Navy baby.

    BTW...please thank your dh for his service to our country. Thank you too for supporting him. I'm sure it's not easy!


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