Sunday, January 16, 2011

Major disaster avoided? We'll see....

I never even thought about it until I went to wash the quilt. 

It's red & white...and for a boy....would it run?..oh no..maybe I should have thought about this sooner...I'm using IKEA fabric vs. quality quilt shop fabric....this is a gift that MUST be in the mail on Tuesday....I'll throw in a "Shout Color Catcher" and pray.

Took it out of the wash to throw it in the dryer....all looked fine....then found the color catcher sheet on the bottom of the washer....
The sheet on the left is a unused one out of the box...the one on the right, came out of my washer!
I'll show the quilt tomorrow when I get some pictures of it in the sunlight outside. Let's hope when I pull it out of the dryer I don't find a disaster!


  1. Reds will do it everytime won't they? I live by Color Catchers. Fingers crossed that your quilt isn't ruined!

  2. I too have started using color catcher. A few months ago the red in a black, white, and red quilt I made blead a bit onto the white (I was able to get it out with liberally applying stain stick and rewashing the quilt), so now any time I wash a new quilt I use the color catcher.

    Hope you pulled out the crinkly goodness from your dryer and everything is ok.

  3. Oh, hoping with all my might.......

  4. Oh man, my fingers are crossed for you! Please let me know how it works out... I've always been skeptical but curious of those things!!

  5. I would have never even thought about that ... thanks!

  6. I am *so* glad that you posted this!! I am nearly finished hand quilting my blue and red quilt, and would just cry if the colors ran. The fabrics are quilting fabrics, but the red still scares me a little bit. I most definitely will be putting this on my shopping list!
    Have a great weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish


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