Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baby Quilts Galor!

I was going to do a separate post for each quilt, but decided on just one post. I did all 4 of these quilts in just over 10 days! 

There are 4 gals pregnant in our Officer's Spouses Club and there was a quadruple baby shower yesterday. I missed the shower but sent gifts. 

Here they are! And for throwing them together in such a short amount of time I feel like I didn't get to fully appreciate them. But I will say, all of them were super fun to make and I loved each and every one! 

Quilt Stats
Fabric: Prince Charming by Tula Pink in the Coral and Aqua color way (and few other prints in same colors by other designers)
Pattern: Disappearing 9-patch 
Measures: 38"x46"

Quilt Stats
Fabric: Prince Charming by Tula Pink in the blue/green color way (and a few other prints to have enough!)
Pattern: patchwork set on point
Measures: 32"x42"
Quilting: I tried the Dogwood Quilting! It was so fun! Not my best work, as this was the first time attempting it. But I still think it turned out pretty neat! 

Quilt Stats
Fabric: various prints I've had for years. I honestly can't remember all of them. I bought some from a fabric store and some came from Connecting Threads
Pattern: Half Square Triangles 
Quilting: I just did minimal straight line quilting. (I like more minimal quilting on baby quilts because it seems to make them a bit ofter)
Measurements: I FORGOT TO MEASURE! I think it was approximately 44"x44". Each block was 8" unfinished, so that's my guess!

Quilt Stats
Fabric: I can't recall the exact name but it was from Connecting Threads (years ago!) and I think it was "Honey Bee". Backing is the VERY last of my favorite Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannel
Pattern: Fancy Jelly Roll. I didn't use a jelly roll nor did I make it as big as the pattern is for. I cut up a fat quarter bundle I had and have plenty left over. So I'll either make another baby quilt or a patchwork with the leftovers. 
Measures: I forgot to measure this one. I'd guess it was 45"x50". 


  1. these are gorgeous! and I think your dogwood quilting is amazing! my first try was an absolute flop :)

  2. Blimey, you work fast! I never know if there is a standard size for baby quilts and tend to tailor them to the size of the blocks I use. Glad to see that yours are the same. Lovely quilting too!

  3. These are all so beautiful! I still can't believe you finished these in 10 days! I love that you made 4 totally different quilts...patterns and colors!


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